so many reasons!

-my best friend’s daughter, Willa, turns 2! It’s amazing to have watched her grow from a little snuggly newborn into the bursting-with-personality 2 year old she is today.

-it’s the Super Bowl, and since I couldn’t care less, I plan to go somewhere that is usually crowded and relish in the emptiness this evening. Target? Grocery store? I know, I lead an exciting life.

-Hafiz slept crazily well last night without the trauma of his last long sleep. 8:30pm-7:30am — and then, probably since he got so much milk from my engorged boobs at 7:30, he didn’t eat again until 12:30pm. He took a 3.5 hr nap in between there, hence the not eating for 5 hrs.

-While he napped I did yoga and made lactation cookies. Let’s hope my theory of lactation cookies = longer stretches between feedings is true. I’ll let you know.

-Tomorrow Hafiz gets his super belated 2 month vaccines 😦 so today is awesome because it’s not tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. We are going to skip yoga tomorrow since I’m not sure what state he will be in after the shots. Also not looking forward to no yoga. Booo.

– My friend Ashley bought me a plane ticket to come see her in San Francisco in March!!!! It’s for her birthday, and as her present she asked her husband to buy my ticket. So Hafiz and I will go, and Hus will fly stand-by to meet us there. Hafiz’s first trip to the Bay!!!

-It’s warm outside! My dad told me it’s going to snow tomorrow, yet today feels like Spring. We took a long family walk to soak it up. Pokey refused to come, because even though it’s warm to us, it’s still not warm enough for a chihuahua.

-And now Hus has the baby so I am going to take a shower. I love showers. Speaking of showers, I’m worried about California’s drought and water shortage situation. My Bay area friends said it’s raining today, which I hope is a good sign.

much love