Yesterday Hafiz finally received his 2 month vaccines, even though he’s nearly 3 months old. A combination of our pediatrician being out of town and crazy snow was the reason our appt got pushed back. So I freaked out when we woke up to intense snow yesterday, thinking his appt would get cancelled, but our pediatrician still made it in so we braved the snow, too.

Anyway, hafiz did great w the shots at first (minimal crying) and even seemed okay for the first hours at home – smiling, cooing, etc.

But, about three hours later, he was inconsolable. Cried a lot, even while nursing. Infant Tylenol helped him nap a bit but then he woke up screaming 30 min later. Ugh. By evening he seemed a little better, though I attempted to give him more Tylenol which he spit out immediately (not a fan of the high fructose corn syrup I see). He went to bed easily though and slept 8pm-9am, waking just for 20 min at 6am to nurse. I think he was super exhausted from the trauma of the day. He was back to his usual self today, thank goodness.


The other not-so-fun news is that hafiz all of a sudden hates the bottle!!! I’m hoping it’s just from his shots yesterday, but tonight he refused to take a bottle from Hus. I tried, too, with no luck (entire bottle of breastmilk wasted!!! Argh!).

Okay this is weird but I just drank from the rejected bottle and it tastes BAD. Like, sour. I’ve tasted it before and it’s usually sweet. What am I doing wrong?! Need to figure out what’s going on.