Okay I am posting this to hold myself accountable to my new plan of action regarding naps. Hus and I know that the napping-on-us thing is NOT sustainable. Our pediatrician wasn’t concerned in the least when we told him that’s the only way he naps. He said as long as he sleeps on his own at night it’s fine, and that by 4 or 4.5 months naps will get easier. While I hope this is true, I wanted to at least start the transition of weaning him off of our bodies for naps. So this is what I’m trying.

My first goal is to master the first nap of the day, as that is generally the easiest one. One hour and 15 min after he wakes up I pull the curtains, swaddle him, put on his sleep sheep and hold him while sitting on his floor bed, slightly rocking. With some crying he fell asleep after 10 min of this today, then I put him down and he slept for an hour. Not bad for our first try, though usually his first nap is much longer. (1.5-2.5 hrs)

The rest of the naps will be in the carrier, until that first nap gets longer/easier to get him to fall asleep. The reason I don’t want to change all naps at once is that that would mean severely less overall daytime sleep which is a recipe for overtiredness and will make him fight naps even more.

So, after that first nap of the day is a smooth transition (or at least smooth-ish) we will go for the second nap of the day as well. Once that is solid, we will try the third. I will not be surprised if that last nap of the day (anytime 3pm onward) needs to be in a carrier for a looong time , but that’s okay.

Last night was another 8pm-7am stretch. I continue to be paranoid and get up to check his breathing multiple times before I can fall asleep.

So while his night sleep so far hasn’t been impacted by the shot trauma, his daytime naps and overall behavior definitely have! We are day 2 now post-vaccines and it was pretty rough. Morning he seemed fine but by late afternoon and evening he was inconsolably crying at bizarre times out of nowhere which he has never done before. And wouldn’t nap. I really hope the poor little guy feels better tomorrow. Not looking forward to the next round of vaccines on March 19th. Seeing him this miserable is enough to make me side with those crazy anti-vaccination people. JUST KIDDING. I know vaccines are important.

So I just looked at my Facebook movie but can’t share it because it includes a picture of me and my college boyfriend hugging right next to a picture from my wedding. (spoiler: didn’t marry my college bf) Yeah this is the problem when you realize you’ve had Facebook 10 years. Did you know when fb first came out only a few colleges could join? NYU happened to be one of those, so I remember my friend Dana sending me an invite. You couldn’t even post pictures then, aside from a profile picture! It was literally just a Facebook: faces and profiles almost AOL style saying what music you liked, hobbies, quotes, etc. oh man I never imagined back then at age 18 that my 90 year old grandma would one day be on Facebook. Or that I’d be posting pictures of my baby. Crazy! Oh, but the moral of the story is: I totally forgot about all the old old pictures of me on fb that shouldn’t be public.