I am going to vent my frustration/concern right now.

Last night was hafiz’s worst night of sleep to date. I can’t tell if it’s a late reaction to the shots or developmental shift or what. But he nursed basically from 6:30-10:30. Wouldn’t take a pacifier, wouldn’t fall asleep, cried no screamed if he wasn’t nursing. ?!?!? He has honestly never been awake past 9pm, no matter how grouchy he is that’s usually when he conks out, so this was super weird and alarming to me. Then he woke up at 2am – when the easiest he’s ever woken before is 3:30. At that point I was convinced he would be up all night but he did then sleep fine from 2:30-7:30. So I know, overall the night wasn’t a big deal, but when a kid has been functioning like clockwork for all 12 weeks of his life it’s disconcerting to have it break down.

I know. Babies aren’t robots. Everything will change with him a million times over, can’t get too attached to anything he does, etc. I guess I was just used to certain things being in a constant state of flux (naps, time between feeding, etc) and used to other things being consistent. (ok only his night sleep can be categorized as this. And cuteness.

So yeah. I’m learning.


Oh quick cloth diaper update!! I took this pic bec I now like the kawaii diapers better! Yes they are bulkier but they leak less than the bumgenius ones. And they’re so much softer inside, I feel like hafiz prefers them, too. Bumgenius look cuter though, for sure. And they are all in one so you save time not stuffing in inserts. Bumgenius will leak less when hafiz is bigger though, I can tell by the design, so that’s encouraging.