update on my nap strategy for however long I’ve been doing it. ugh RIP my brain. My memory is currently the worst. I was trying to remember when the last time I washed my hair was and truly had no clue. I still don’t. gross, right?

oh right back to the napping! soo it’s been working ok actually. The naps are short (45 min at best) and he cries for 10-15 min beforehand, but he’s napping in his bed once a day! I need to work on extending the nap length before adding more floor bed naps into the day, but whatever. Small steps!

Oh and who knows whether it was the shots or a developmental shift or what but H is (knock on wood) back to himself more or less. Went down super easy to sleep last night and went 8pm-7am. then this afternoon he took the pacifier in the car, pheww. I know we need to wean him off of it at some point but now is not my preferred time 🙂 also I decided to do half of his night feeding tonight via bottle to introduce it again with low pressure and he drank it like a champ. I have no idea how much it was though because my bag said 5 oz but when I put it in the bottle it was more like 3.5 oz. weird. Oh well he nursed the rest of what he needed.

I think I’m in the market for a used moby or boba wrap because the knock off version I have is overly stretchy and definitely not supportive enough for this 13 lb bowling ball I’m lugging around!!

We went to check out this amazing house we found on Craigslist, a converted barn. It’s an amazing place tucked awkwardly behind a bunch of super dilapidated row houses in a not-so-great area. Major disappointment there.

My sister is starting her own podcast that will be up soon! She already has a bunch of eps recorded but wants a sis stash before she puts it out since she works out of town a lot (she lives in berlin, Germany) and wants to be able to release an episode once a week. So rad, I can’t wait to listen since I am a podcast junkie. Actually not as much now that hafiz is here but while preg and illustrating or walking or cooking or cleaning I would always be listening to podcasts.

Full disclosure: I made the grave mistake of stepping on a scale. Ugghhhhh. I’ve gained 5 lbs since 2 weeks post-partum. Wtf. I’m going to pretend this is muscle. This is further evidence of scales being the worst because my self-esteem had actually been inching upward until this incident.

Oh! I put H to sleep unswaddled tonight because I felt like living dangerously. That’s a lie, he actually fell asleep while nursing so I just decided to let him be and not wake him up to swaddle. If he sleeps poorly tonight I’ll be swaddling him forever.

The Olympic opening ceremonies last night were sweet! Russia was pretty much #436 on the list of places I wanted to travel but now it may be in the top 100.

My book is finished!!!!!!!! BUT It won’t be for sale until I receive a copy and can check the formatting, picture quality, etc. also trying to work through some amazon.com restrictions.

Time is flying, people. I need to apply for some teaching positions already!!! Is it bad that we talk about moving back to Mexico approximately 18 times a day? I just don’t feel built for the cold. Of course I also hated the intense heat and humidity in Mexico. Should probably just move back to the bay where it’s not too hot or cold, ever. We would probably need to live in a cardboard box though since cost of living has gotten even more ridiculous there since we moved away.

Coconut milk yogurt is supporting my dairy free life right now. So good.

Okay need to check on the sleeping monkey. Much love and hope you’re having a great weekend!