For Hafiz’s 3 month birthday, he had an AWESOME day! 


In the AM he went down for a nap on his own, after fussing for 10 minutes. The only good thing that has come from letting him cry a bit more is my ability to now translate his cries. I know when it’s just fussing — no tears, struggling, but not so bad — and can differentiate that from the wailing, not-gonna-stop, pissed off, suffering cry. He’s also making a wide range of happy sounds too! In the morning he wakes us up to little joyful yells, looking up at his black and white mobile, that become more exuberant when we walk in and turn on the lights. Before he eats, like as soon as I put him on the Boppy and he sees my boob, he starts making little yells with a big smile, clearly psyched to be eating. When we are driving and he’s in his car seat, accepting the fact that he should probably just fall asleep, he makes this monotone moan almost, that just kind of fades as he falls asleep. He also has a little moan when he poops, which I captured beautifully here 🙂

Anyway, as soon as he woke from his nap I fed him and threw him in the car to go to the new mom’s group for some much-needed adult interaction and baby discussion. Just as it’s reassuring to connect with other moms online, it’s just as awesome to meet other moms IRL and realize you’re definitely not the only one going crazy. I always get some good advice or tips at these meetings, too. I am obsessed with the baby booties that the girl next to me had, so I just ordered them online (even though Hus said no, I said this is a Valentine’s day gift for Hafiz, you can’t stop me). They are the Zutano fleece booties, in navy, and they are freaking adorable. They are also practical because socks inevitably fall off – which apparently gets worse when babies start pulling them off – and these, according to the girl, stay on. 


Hafiz chilled out on his blanket and talked the entire time, nursed near the end and then fell asleep in my arms which basically never happens. So everyone there thought he was a little angel, tricky kid. I was like um, he’s faking us out, he can’t really be asleep. Of course when I transitioned him to his car seat to go home he woke up, but he was still in good spirits so I dropped some coffee and Capomo samples off at a few establishments in the area. 

After we got home I laid him down for a nap with his pacifier on his floor bed and it’s been 2 hours of him sleeping, which is freakish and unprecedented. No way he’ll nap again before bedtime but that’s okay. 

Apparently an intense snow and ice storm is coming in tonight sooo THAT’S WONDERFUL. 

Anyway, more about Hafiz at 3 months:

-He weighs about 13 lbs!  So he has gained nearly 6 lbs since birth! 

-Kicking his legs… is his favorite thing ever. I seriously put him on a blanket and will walk away and he just kicks his legs for 45 minutes. He loves if you sit at his legs or put your hands near his feet so he can kick off of them and slide.

-Chewing on his fingers and fists. Loves it. I can barely put his hand into a sleeve while getting dressed because he tries to eat his hand while it’s halfway through the sleeve.

-Frequent leaky diapers. I don’t know what happened – cloth diapers were NOT leaking at first and now they are?! I am testing out different sizes, as I think I sometimes snap them not small enough because I’m worried about squeezing his belly and then they leak. Thankfully the haven’t really been leaking #2, only pee, so it’s really not so bad. We go through a lot of outfit changes. 

-Blowing spit bubbles and producing a ton of saliva. Sign of pre-teething?!

-Smiles… he is almost always smiling and talking. Another reason I love going to the mom’s group is because you really see how different each baby’s personality is. Some babies just smile and are LOUD, while others are very stoic and serious, contemplative almost. 

-Wants to roll back to tummy, but can’t figure it out or isn’t strong enough. While laying down flat on his back he keeps arching his back to one side and then the other, sometimes doing like full crazy back bends off the floor, but it will probably be awhile before he figures this one out. 

-Tummy time.. is over. I decided to stop doing tummy time. It just made him spit up excessively, he started getting pissed off earlier and earlier, it just felt pointless. He would be smiling and happy on his back, then I’d force him on his tummy and he’d be pissed. His neck is super strong and he gets plenty of practice holding it up when we are holding him. This Montessori parenting book I’m reading was talking about why you shouldn’t put babies in positions they can’t put themselves in and — while it might be controversial and I don’t agree with everything Montessori by any means — this makes sense to me. Putting babies in a position they developmentally aren’t ready for isn’t helping them to get there any faster, you know? Once he can roll himself onto his tummy, I know he’ll be ready for it. 

-Nursing every 3 hours. Except for night, which is now almost always a 10-11 hr stretch (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!).

-Baths are infrequent. Our pediatrician said to bathe him as little as possible, and that’s the motto I have for myself so I had no trouble accepting that 🙂 Honestly our pediatrician said once every 2 weeks (!) but that seems a little extreme, even to me! I can tell he’s getting pretty grubby way before the 2 week mark. We play it by ear, but I’d say we give him a bath every 4 or 5 days. However, I wash his face, his neck folds, behind his ears (and then I put coconut oil behind them because otherwise they crack) and hands (since he’s always chewing them) every morning. Obviously I keep his nether regions very clean as well. We haven’t had any dry skin/rashes/diaper rash and the slight cradle cap I saw twice went away with coconut oil. I also give him infant massage with coconut oil every night. He has amazing skin right now so I’m not going to change a thing. 

-Yoga class is still going great. The class has inspired me to do yoga at home with him laying next to me watching and that’s awesome, too. 

As for me 3 months post-partum? Here’s a super awkward selfie taken today.




As I mentioned before, my weight is higher than ever before BUT you know what? All I need to do is look at this picture and I appreciate where I’m at like WHOA:






My belly actually looks far better than I ever imagined it to look now. It’s by no means FLAT but I never had a flat stomach, even in my freakishly skinny days, so whatever. Linea nigra is fading and I’m sad to see it go. No stretch marks. Navel piercing mark is now a small brown blotch. My bellybutton is now cavernous and deep, haha. I do think I have a slight ab diastasis because I can definitely put my finger in between my ab muscles, so I’m doing some special exercises to help but I am NOT doing that binding (splinting) stuff because it looks horrifically uncomfortable and, again, I never had flat/6 pack abs before so why would I be striving for that action now?! 

I continue to do yoga or insanity nearly every day since it makes me feel human. I’m eating a lot, though still avoiding gluten and dairy and now SOY as well. Which means coconut ice cream every night. Which is fine because I actually found a delicious one, it’s just a little more $$ than the soy one. 

Okay this is crazy, Hafiz has been napping on his bed for 3 hours. I should go check on him. Love!