Awful quality picture of the snow outside today because I am too warm and cozy to go to the door and take one that isn’t obscured by the window screen. 

So, yeah. Yet another intense blizzard here in Philly. My excitement towards snow right now is an absolute zero. Maybe when Hafiz is old enough to appreciate snow I’ll be able to get into it again, but right now I’m just feeling grouchy about it. I want to be able to go on walks without 8 million layers and inevitably frostbitten cheeks. 

Even with my grouchiness towards the snow, I’m feeling GREAT about my lil feezy. He is on his third nap in his floor bed today!! The first two were each an hour (10am-11am and 1pm-2pm) so I’m hoping for the same, if not more, for this one which would be 4-5. Honestly, if this keeps working I’m going to feel really silly for not trying it earlier, because really all I did was give him slightly more awake time. Everything I was reading said 1.5 hrs but he isn’t tired by then, apparently. If I give him 2 hours of awake time he is actually dozing off during our nap routine. WHAT A CONCEPT. Dozing off rather than screaming? CRAZY. 

The system is far from textbook perfection since he’s using the paci to enter sleepytown but whatever. I’m feeling very positive about the pacifier. I was so scared last week when he wouldn’t take it. Especially with this trip to California coming up, the paci is so clutch for airplanes. 

We haven’t tried giving him a bottle for an entire feeding since last week’s drama (I gave him half a bottle a few days ago just to ease him into it though, and that was fine) but there is milk that has to go in our fridge so I guess we’ll try tonight. I’m a little nervous about it, though, since last time we tried to put him to bed with a bottle it was super traumatic for all parties. But I know we need to giving bottles regularly if we expect him to keep accepting them readily. Tonight I am definitely going to try some of the milk before I give it to him, though. I feel so awful for giving him that sour stuff the other day. Still don’t know what went wrong there. 

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I really wanted to do something to celebrate since it is the 1st anniversary of Hafiz’s conception but we have no no plans. My friend Sarah in Canada sent me an amazing box of chocolates so we can at least eat those. 

Okay, I did 20 minutes of yoga this morning but I might do 20 more right now while the cloth diapers are in the laundry to take advantage of HAFIZ NAPPING IN HIS OWN BED (knock on wood).