Just skyped with my sister and apparently Germany is getting gorgeous, spring-like weather these days. So jealous. I flashbacked to when I would skype her from Mexico in a bathing suit and she would have on scarf, hat and gloves in her apartment because she had no heat last year. And now she gets sunshine and we have a few feet of snow and black ice.

Side note about black ice. Hus got in bed last night, after taking pokey outside for a walk, and tells me, “you really have to be careful, there’s a lot of black guys out there.”

I was baffled for like ten seconds. Why were there ANY people out on our street this late in the freezing cold and why must you tell me they’re black? Then I realized what he said and laughed for a long time.

Aaaanyway. Hafiz wants to nurse for 1.5 hrs straight before bed. I can’t decide if I love this and am cool with doing it indefinitely or if I should start giving him max 15 min each side and then unlatching him. I do kind of love the time together, especially since I know I won’t see him for many hours after that. It’s his way of winding down and it’s kind of cool that he knows it’s his last meal for awhile. But after I’m done gazing at his beautiful face and read my book for awhile (currently reading Baby Knows Best and am loving it) I feel bored. Ugh I hate saying that because actually people saying they are bored is my pet peeve. My favorite thing to say to students when they would say they were bored or something was boring was “well there’s only boring people not boring things” which I think is partially true but also an annoying thing to say. I say it to myself though. I should be able to make anything interesting if I just use my mind creatively, right? Okay. Maybe so but I still feel freaking bored after 1.5 hrs of nursing while listening to that damn sleep sheep.

Whatever I’ll probably keep letting him because he’s been doing so well with his night sleep, and now napping 4-5 times a day on his own too, why take away his marathon night nursing? I do need to wake him even if he falls asleep nursing now (I used to just put him down if he fell asleep) because he REALLY needs to be burped thoroughly these days. He is spitting up more than ever, even at night which was a rarity before.

Speaking of which I need to go check on him, I hear some hafiz noises on the monitor. Oh wait, a picture!

I love him in overalls.