I’m going to take an epic walk with hafiz after writing this because it is freaking GORGEOUS outside! The snow is finally melting, temperature is rising and the sun – oh the glorious sun – is shining.

my socks really complete this picture.

I made a huge mistake today. There were no eggs so I didn’t eat breakfast and waited until I could go grocery shopping. So I went to trader joe’s around 11am ravenous with hunger. Therefore I inhaled the chocolate cupcake samples and then proceeded to buy unnecessary food items. Everything looked so crazy delicious, I truly couldn’t stop myself. Who buys chocolate covered sunflower seeds?! Apparently, me.

My book came in the mail! And it’s almost perfect. I’m not happy with the font though, it looks slightly pixelated which is not acceptable. So I need to call the printer and figure out how to achieve better quality. Sucks that this will probably delay the official publishing another 2 weeks or so. Sigh.

Hafiz is on outfit #4 today. I should put bibs in him, the spit up situation has become serious. Especially in the AM. And cloth diapers are suddenly not working as well. I’m trying to make them tighter around his legs but they already leave red marks. Ugh. The positive thing is he has tons of cute clothes in his current size and we are getting good use of them.

I taught hus the nap routine and he now loves putting feez down for a nap. This is the best thing ever. Hafiz finally naps. It’s the weirdest thing, like a switch clicked and he doesn’t mind laying down for a nap all of a sudden. Where is my baby?! In fact it’s harder to get him asleep in car seat or carrier now. It’s like now that we have a nap routine he will only sleep with the damn routine. Oh well, fine by me. I wonder how he will feel about the stroller once we bust that out.

I’ve started eating a little dairy again and Hafiz is fine. YES!

Actually got my act together during a nap and applied for some teaching positions. Felt deeply sad to imagine leaving hafiz. Need to not think about it. 😦 I love my days with him so much. I also doubt any daycare that is up to my standards will be affordable.

I hate $.

Okay going to eat a snack and walk walk walk. I really want a BOBA carrier. Why am I addicted to baby carriers?! The ergo is similar enough but I still stupidly want a BOBA and will probably search Craigslist until I find an affordable one. #unnecessary

so much love.

Yesterday that happened at yoga AT THE END of class, naturally, after he was super needy the entire time and prevented me from doing any actual yoga. What a silly billy…