can’t handle a coherent, focused post tonight (as if I ever can!) so I’m falling back on my tried and true list-of-random-thoughts format.

•I took ZERO pictures of hafiz today. First time ever. how is that even possible? Here’s one from a few days ago, to give you your fix:


•ventured out into the pouring rain this AM for the new mom’s group. Got some advice regarding the leaking cloth diapers and hafiz rejecting the bottle. One mom thought I might have excess lipase in my milk which makes it taste soapy after storing. I reaaallly hope this isn’t the case but now I’m investigating.

•how did I not eat meat for so many years? Just had brisket for dinner and it was insanely delicious.

•btw the chocolate covered sunflower seeds from TJ’s are amazing. Best impulse buy ever!

•hafiz has started rolling from his back to his side and just hanging out there, balancing. I bet he’ll get the full roll going soon!

•purposely didn’t do anything regarding job search today. #denial

•back to those choc covered sunflower seeds… My new dessert is chocolate coconut milk ice cream, melted sunflower seed butter and the choc covered seeds. OMG. It’s a salty sweet explosion of deliciousness. I’m a genius. I shall call it Sunflower Sundae when I open my ice cream shop one day.

•didn’t exercise today = not feeling my best. instead of exercise I napped next to hafiz from 2:30-4:00. sometimes a nap wins. Might do like 20 min of yoga before bed. Or eat a sunflower sundae. Or both.

•I really need to mail gifts tomorrow to our two friends in Chicago who just had babies. I’m so bad with timeliness w things like this.

•I love sleep. And water. Don’t we all?


•I need to put something new in hafiz’s mobile. He can see color now, right?

•I made an acupuncture appointment for Friday. Wishful thinking. Need to cancel because hus is going to Colorado and won’t be able to watch hafiz. Boo.

•Feez and I actually have an unprecedented number of plans this weekend. Not sure if we’ll really be able to do it all though.

•I found an awesome halo fleece swaddle sleep sack (size 3-6 months) in this forgotten drawer of the nursery and it works perfectly!! Oh yeah, definitely still swaddling at night. Haven’t even considered another trial run without it.

•hafiz has been having such good days recently… I just want to press pause because I know another developmental shift/vaccine/full moon/teething will throw it off soon.

•I love breastfeeding. I’m so happy I persevered through those painful days in the beginning because now it’s incredibly convenient, free and painless. Plus I love the snuggly closeness of it. Brings such nice rhythm and pause to the day.

okay enough scattered thoughts for one night. Have I mentioned how much I love being a mom? Because I really, really do. Much love.