I have a lot of random baby-related questions tonight.

1. Do I have to worry about water going into hafiz’s ears in the bathtub? Is that what causes ear infections?

2. When will I have to cut his toenails? They don’t seen to be growing, really.

3. Why do I have soooo many 0-3 month outfits and about zero 3-6 month ones?!

4. Why are the girl clothes at Baby Gap 5 million times cuter than the boy stuff?!

5. How do so many babies say “mom” or “mama” as their first word? I don’t feel like hafiz ever hears mama because he’s always with me and I don’t speak in third person. I’m sincerely confused by this.

6. Is it okay or confusing for me to speak to Feez in Spanish? I couldn’t commit to doing it all the time (and I know that’s ideal for a kid to be bilingual) but is it okay for like an hour every day to randomly speak in Spanish?

7. Do all babies suck on their feet at some point? I feel like a lot of my friends’ babies play with their feet and hafiz had never touched his.

8. Will my boobs gradually get smaller as hafiz eats less (once he starts solids) or will they stay more or less this size until he weans entirely?

9. What should I do about bedtime when daylight savings happens?! I don’t want him going to bed an hour later!!

10. Why do other new moms seem to have the ability to shower/wear decent clothes/brush hair/apply make up daily while I still struggle with accomplishing any of those things? (Ahem ahem Lindsey and Pris)

11. Why was hafiz still refusing to fall asleep at 10pm yesterday while tonight he was out easily by 8pm?! so unpredictable this kid.

12. How do other people deal with their baby’s neck folds? I wash them every morning and night and put on coconut oil but there are still red lines that look irritated. Poor hafiz and his multiple chins!!!

Okay no more questions.

Today I snapped a picture of hafiz balancing on his side during our beloved naked time:


The good thing is that he is still able to do this with his huge cloth diapers on. His diapers doubled in size today because I realized I need to start doubling up on inserts. Sigh. at least I can now get away with changing him slightly less often because he has literally three layers of absorption going on.

Today was a nice one. Hafiz took lots of small naps. I bought those presents for the two new babies in Chicago and mailed ’em. I made lactation cookies and threw those amazing choc covered sunflower seeds into the mix. I did a little yoga. I talked to Pris on skype and got to meet her adorable little man (who seems far more chill than hafiz!!). I took a brief walk with H. And I gave him a bath because the spit up situation is making him a hot mess.

Husein is flying to Colorado right now to snowboard with his bro for three days. some life he has there!!! And I have to pick him up at the airport at 1am Sunday night. Not pleased about that. I cherish my sleep. Whatever, I get to spend my weekend with the best baby in the world and hus will surely be missing him the entire time.

Ok I am off to watch Weeds and pump before bed. I feel like I’ve been watching Weeds forever because I have. No one told me it had 8 seasons!!

Love love love.