Hafiz and I are in a stand off right now. He is straight up refusing to nap and I’m just watching him writhe around in his bed making little noises. He isn’t even crying (yet) just talking and at this point he’s kept himself up so long that he will soon be hungry. So who will break down first? Will I turn on the lights and feed him? Will he pass out? Time will tell.

Oh well. We had a great morning, anyway. He literally slept 8pm-8am last night. WHAT?! I was in there at 7am of course listening to his breathing. And then he took a long nap in the morning and another shorter one after that. But for his third nap he freaked out. I thought something was seriously wrong so I stripped him down (always my first impulse lol) and held him and then he smiled. wtf. Nursed a little. And that brings us to now and he’s still being his wide awake self. Oh man here are the tears. I have a feeling he’ll win this round. I’m especially nervous because I’m going out tonight and my mom is supposed to put him to sleep even though he has been rejecting bottles. Ahhh.

Okay hafiz wins. I’m just considering this nap skipped. Hopefully I’ll get him down once more before I go out. Too bad the weather sucks because id love to walk outside. Grrr. I can’t deal with having winter, I really can’t. Today it’s ugly rain. Basically the most depressing weather ever. I can’t deal. Hus really wants to move back to the bay but I told him I will only consider it if he finds a job that pays 6 figures which has a zero percent chance of happening so basically the answer was no.

Sighhh. I have a headache. Please let my mom be a magical baby whisperer. Let my milk not taste gross to hafiz.

Hmm I think Feez’s belly is what kept him up. It just made a crazy sound.

Happy Friday!!! Love!