I’m feeling much more upbeat today! I apologize for yesterday’s grouchiness. I’ve come to realize that my mood is very much dictated by the weather. Today there is SUN thus my disposition is sunny.

My best friend in college was happiest when it rained. WHAT. And we were in NYC where rain is truly the worst because you need to walk everywhere and taxi cabs zip by and splash you and then your umbrella inverts because of the wind. There were always the saddest umbrella corpses scattered about the sidewalks post-storm. Then you need to go into a bodega and buy an overpriced shitty one.

Anyway! Last night hafiz was a lil angel for grandma and took the bottle and went to sleep. All through dinner with Emily I was looking at my phone expecting my frantic mother to call. Thank you hafiz for cooperating. He was also pretty darling to em before we went out:



Hafiz has been solid with naps today and I will avoid the trauma induced by the dreaded evening nap by taking a walk with him shortly instead. I need vitamin d.

I really want to do baby sign language. What age do you think it’s appropriate to start? I should probably take a class because I don’t learn well via online video.

I died laughing this morning when I read about the Girl Scout making record cookie sales outside a pot dispensary. Ha! So good. That girl is brilliant.

Hus called from Colorado last night and literally said, “I don’t miss you but I really miss hafiz.” And I wasn’t even hurt I just said yup, that’s about right. I can’t imagine being away from Feez for more than a few hours. I can handle being away from hus for awhile though, no problem 🙂

Okay I’m off to walk. Hope you are having a great weekend!