just laying here listening to H struggle to fall asleep. ugh. No fun.

Feeling super blah today.

Was up way too late last night picking up Hus at the airport, not getting home until past 2am. To keep myself awake I ate a ridiculous amount of ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, the chocolate coconut milk ice cream from trader joe’s is AMAZING. Also, the tamales they sell are honestly better than the tamales in Mexico. Trader joe’s might be what’s keeping me in the US. Just kidding. Or am I?

Hafiz played the piano today and it was basically the cutest thing ever, watching him realize that touching the keys made sounds.

Even though today was fairly chilly, I put H in his snow suit and we walked to whole foods. I rarely venture there these days as it’s too overpriced, but I ran out if argan oil which is pretty much the only essential item I have in my pathetic beauty regimen. Omg it just took me ten tries to spell regimen correctly. I’m seriously starting to wonder if I’m intelligent enough now to return to work.

My brain has been forever changed by motherhood. I have new intelligences now, for sure, but am not sure how that will translate in the classroom.

I wonder why the easier it has become to get H down for naps, the harder it is to get him down at night. He keeps pushing his bedtime back which makes me scared for daylight savings. Also, everything I read says bedtime should be naturally getting earlier so what gives?

Okay I think he finally stopped struggling. Please be asleep. Here’s a picture from after our whole foods walk.