1. Remember to eat, even if food is tasteless due to congestion, but avoid dairy (already doing that THANKS HAFIZ) and sugar. Spicy food is ideal.

2. Make someone else take care of your baby for awhile. Make said person give baby some of that milk you’ve been pumping to extend your time apart.

3. Drink this: hot water with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, honey.

4. Drink ice cold coconut water. And normal water, or mineral if you like.

5. Rest plenty but get some activity, too. 30 minutes of yoga miraculously got me breathing through my nose again for a bit!

6. Force husband to do yoga with you so you laugh the entire time. He is hilariously inflexible. This distracts from your cold symptoms.

7. Coerce baby into taking 4 hour-long naps and being generally chill and smiley all day.

8. Hang around with a humidifier. Sleep near it at night.

9. Take hot shower(s).

10. Take magnesium supplement before bed (I love Calm, this powdered form of magnesium you dissolve in water) to get lots of rest. Yes you can still eat your chocolate coconut milk ice cream before bed since it isn’t dairy, but have some hot tea afterward so that chill doesn’t linger.

11. Look at the cutest face ever.