•I have a cold. Booo.

•Hafiz woke up at 1:15am starving last night. He hasn’t had a middle of the night wake-up in months so I was incredibly disoriented, thinking it was morning but it was still pitch black outside?! He was legitimately hungry though, ate heartily, then passed back out until normal 7am. Growth spurt? Or my supply was wonky from eating almost nothing yesterday? (sickness ruined my appetite) time will tell I guess!

•more snow coming, which will probably mean no mom-baby yoga on Monday. Not pleased.

•aside from walking outside, haven’t really left the house… All week. That’s so bad, I know. Ugghhh.

•I miss the show weeds. Like I miss the characters, as if they are my friends. This is why I just shouldn’t be allowed to watch TV.

•bought a new sound machine for hafiz and it is soooo much better than sleepy sheep!!! Love it! Revolutionizing my life!

•took the cutest naked video of hafiz rolling on his side. http://youtu.be/rwnh242ZGkw

•still can’t understand this back bend lounging after every nursing session.


•ok I’m going to watch breaking bad even though remember? I’m not allowed to watch tv. Oops. At least these characters seem less likable. Perhaps I won’t grow as attached.