•I didn’t wake up at all last night between 11pm and 6:40am. I rarely sleep straight through like that since pokey or husein usually bother me and wake me. Yes my chihuahua and husband are more disruptive to my sleep than my 3.5 month old, what’s up with that?

•I dreamt about ice cream. Yup, that’s how into ice cream I am.

•It didn’t snow as horrifically much as the meteorologists predicted.

•My cold is 75% better!

•Hafiz’s first nap was 2 hr 15 min — unprecedented! For the past few weeks of him napping in his bed I’ve considered myself lucky to get a full hour, usually it’s more like 45 min. I kept checking on him that whole second hour perplexed by his newfound nap skillz. I’m convinced it’s thanks to the sound machine. I want one for our room. So soothing and unlike sleep sheep, which really just makes noise, this makes actual white noise. That doesn’t shut off on me. Can you tell I’m bitter about sleep sheep?!

• I caved and bought a few footy pjs for Hafiz. I am so paranoid about his toes being squished that as soon as footy pjs get even slightly snug I retire them to the bag for Kari.

•I watched Hafiz play with said bag for almost a half hour. He loves to kick things and hear a sound.

•Laughed so hard when I tried to burp Hafiz on my shoulder and he latched onto my skin, sucking so hard he left a small hickey. He is an eating maniac. I am dumbfounded when other moms say their babies refuse to eat sometimes, as he always wants to nurse, even when I’m fairly certain I’m completely tapped and he must be full.

•Hus and I got a call from some barista magazine that wants to interview us for a piece!

•Found out two good friends, who met at our wedding (my high school boyfriend actually and a co-worker from Mexico, though she’s Canadian) just got engaged! He proposed in Paris, cliché but classy and cute. Couldn’t be happier for them and they credit Hus and me for the relationship of course 🙂

•Found a job I really want! But it’s in NYC. Which would only work if Hus got the job he applied for there. Oh and if he stopped hating NYC, haha.

•Read a great children’s book to Hafiz called Hi, Koo!, which is a compilation of kid-friendly haikus. The illustrations feature a panda named Koo. It’s seriously wonderful.

•Did a short yoga class with Hus. He is shocked by how bad ass challenging these classes are. Yogaglo.com continues to be amazing.

•More bizarre backbending from Hafiz. At least it gives me an opportunity to thoroughly clean his neck folds.


•My lifelong friend, Molly, who is a reporter at the Philly Daily News, was interviewed on the Weather Channel. Hafiz and I watched.


I think that’s it. Not bad for a Monday. Did anything make your day great?