we are just a few days away from 4 months old! how did that happen so fast?!

I just read Lindsey‘s post of a day in the life and thought it would be fun to give a snapshot of how our days go right now, as I’m sure things will change entirely in the blink of an eye.

In fact, there are some definite changes going on with H right now that have put a wrench in what I thought was our “schedule.” I think hafiz laughs in the face of that word, actually. While I still can’t complain about his night sleep situation, things have been a little funky. I researched that whole “4 month sleep regression” and feel like that could be it, but who knows! there’s always something up with these crazy babies. All I know is he is taking longer than ever to put down at night and is every so often waking up once in the night now super hungry. I once read “infant sleep is not linear” and remind myself of this often so I can continue practicing love and empathy towards hafiz rather than thinking “wtf!?” 🙂

Regardless of our minor nighttime issues, I need to go ahead and give hafiz a big round of applause for NAPS. I love them dearly. Watching hafiz put himself to sleep is now one of my favorite activities because it’s so flipping cute. Even when he cries a bit, it’s still not bad. He has started spitting the paci out because he prefers his hands, so he basically moves around making sounds and sucking his hand until suddenly he just stares into the abyss, eyelids slowly blinking asleep. Then I tiptoe out and he will crack his eyes open to watch me go but won’t fully wake up. He will nap like this 3-4xday for 1-2 hrs (thank you new white noise machine for extending our naps). The only exception is the post 4pm nap. Sometimes that one works, other times it fails and the rest of the time I avoid the potential drama entirely by taking him on a walk.

this is how we bundle for a walk

Anyway!! Here’s our days right now, roughly:

6-7am hafiz wakes me. I don’t ever set an alarm, if he sleeps, I sleep! I go in and open the curtains, turn on the light and talk to him a bit. I nurse him ASAP since he wakes up huuuungry.

7:30 take off diaper and PJs, put H down naked on a towel (space heater on so he is toasty warm) while I clean up his nursery for the day, brush my teeth and put on yoga pants aka my uniform.

8:00 wash hafiz’s hands, face, behind ears and neck folds then apply coconut oil. Brush his hair. File his nails (I now do this every other day because then I never have to cut them!) and put on cloth diaper and clothes. 75% of the time he has peed on the towel in this time so I wipe him from the waist down again and throw the towel in the hamper.

8:30 tell H it’s time for a nap. Close curtains, sing him baby beluga or an indigo girls song (lol), put him in a sleep sack, read him a book, lay him down, turn on “summer night” sound very softly, kiss his forehead. I offer paci but he spits it out. I lay next to him until he falls asleep.

9:00am with H asleep I make breakfast (eggs with kale), read the news, do a social media post for our business, check email & fb. Look at job postings.

10-10:30am hafiz wakes up. Change diaper, nurse, change again (cloth diapers need frequent changes!!). Hafiz lays on his blanket and I might give him a toy (giraffe, wooden ring, woven owl rattle) or he often wants to play with a burp cloth or his hands or nothing. I usually spend a lot of time nuzzling him and getting him to smile because I can’t help myself. I will sit off to his side a bit so he practices rolling on his side to see me.

12:00pm hus finishes his coffee roasting and comes to put feez down for a nap while I do 30 min of yoga and then shower.

1:30pm H wakes up. Diaper, nurse, diaper. I put him down on his blanket with or without a toy and go throw in laundry, usually cloth diapers (I wash them every other day) and find something quick to eat. He stays by himself in the nursery for 15 min or so just chillin. Then I come back and talk to him or just watch him play.

3:00pm nap time. This is the one I’m usually tired for so I might lay down next to him and actually nap for 20 min. Or if I have an errand I will give hus (back in the basement working) the baby monitor and go out to the grocery store, post office, whatever. Recently I’ve been using this time to make corrections on my book… It’s a never-ending project I tell ya.

4:30pm h wakes. Diaper, nurse, diaper. I will let him chill/digest on his blanket while I get us both ready for a walk. 5-6 we usually walk. If the weather is bad I might put him in the moby instead and do things in the house. We’ve had a handful of little naps in his bed at this time but I find they aren’t worth the crying involved!!

6pm get home. hafiz is so cute and bleary-eyed after our walks. Diaper, nurse, diaper. Then I will put him down on his blanket in diaper only to play while I go get the laundry. I fold, stuff the inserts into diapers and get his room ready for the night. Then I put on his PJs to go downstairs.

7pm dinner, Hafiz watches us eat from a blanket on the kitchen floor, able to see me. He is his happiest at this time, talking and smiling non-stop, reaching out to try to touch pokey, chewing his hand, etc.

7:30pm begin bedtime routine that takes a half century to complete. Seriously. Diaper, massage, sing, tell him about our day (in lieu of a book which he can’t deal with at night), nurse, turn white noise on set for 1hr, put him down awake, offer paci and he usually takes it for night sleep. If he spits it I replace only once and then just let him fuss/cry/figure it out. I’m not usually out of his room until 9pm if not later! Eeesh.

9pm – ice cream, watch breaking bad

10pm – pump

10:30/11 – sleeeeeeep

I hope one day his bedtime gets earlier at some point. Oh! I forgot to mention we are off the swaddle! I did one arm out for awhile and then since his sleep was weird anyway I just said screw it and took both arms out with no real discernible difference. Phew.

Have a great weekend. My brother-in-law just arrived on a whim from Colorado (he flies free like Hus) and my mom’s birthday is tomorrow so there’s a lot going on here for once. Love!