had you asked me at 5pm yesterday how the day was going, I would have said, “AMAZING!!! I love life!! Zippity doo daaaa!!” (Anyone else sing that song when they are having a glorious day? No?)

so let me appreciate the goodness that once was a bit.

first of all, SUNDAY aka day 1 of daylight savings was totally easy. We drove up to see kari, josh and Willa one last time before their baby boy arrives. I forgot for the 8 billionth time to take cute pictures of Willa and hafiz. Damn. anyway, H was acting a little weird and nursing way less than normal but otherwise seemed happy and napped like a champ in the car and while we were there. Went down easily at night. Slept until 7am Monday. The DLS transition was harder for me than him life was good.

Monday morning he took a 2.5 hr nap and woke just in time to nurse and go to yoga. There are usually 7 other women with babies but I was the only one yesterday! usually I haaaate when this awkwardness transpires but I adore my teacher and hadn’t seen her in a month since she was in Nicaragua so it ended up being the best class ever. I didn’t have to worry about H being disruptive to others and my teacher told me she would just pick him up if he fussed. she said since my practice was pretty advanced she would give me a challenge, so I got an awesome 90 min private yoga class with H being totally chill the whole time. The teacher actually asked if she could take videos of him because he was getting so into it, smiling and laughing. My little yogi.

The thing is, his eyes were definitely tired the entire time. I could tell he wanted to be sleeping but it was too exciting and he was a trooper, didn’t even fuss.

I nursed him after the teacher left and he passed out in my arms — rarely does he fall asleep nursing these days. Got him home and put him down. he napped for nearly 3 hrs. I thought, cool, he made up for the missed nap.

Day continued to be great. In the mail from Canada came the carrier of my dreams. I had already accepted my baby carrier addiction but now I am done with my search. Love this. It’s called a chimparoo mei tai and here is my little chimp in it:

So this made me really happy. THEN I was watching hafiz play with his fox and he rolled from back to belly for the first time!

He was happy for about 2.5 seconds on his belly and then remembered he hates it there so he freaked out.

Then the clock struck 5 pm and hafiz was cranky. Nothing seemed to help, and 5pm-7pm is usually a happy time for him, so I figured he was sleepy from missing a nap cycle. So I tried putting him down early, 6 pm ish. Big mistake. Long story short, he wasn’t asleep until nearly 10pm. And I had to wake up at 3am this morning to take hus to the airport (to go to Mexico for the business). Ugghhhh.

Lesson learned: no matter how fussy H is, earlier bedtime is not the solution. This is the third time I’ve tried and failed with that.

Today I’ll try to be really conscious of the 90 min of wakefulness between naps to get him back to himself. He has been napping for 2 hrs already, probably to make up for those lost hours last night. I have no plans today and hus is now gone for the week. What sucks is I really want to go to moms group tomorrow but now I’m worried about H skipping a nap again. I want to make him more adaptable but not at the expense of our chill evenings together.

Ok. Big goals today but I want to take a lil nap myself before Feez wakes. Being up 3am-5am this morning sucked! hus is lucky to have me. 🙂