Time is flying just as every parent told me it would! Can’t believe Hafiz is 4 months old. I love him more every single day and just feel so unbelievably blessed to have the best baby ever (in my clearly unbiased opinion haha). Here is what’s up with him these days:

-Shrieks, coos, yells, moans, squeaks, laughs. He will have extremely vocal days and then more subdued ones.

-Nurses fast in the daytime and wants less. Sometimes only one side which is a very new thing. Spitting up more than ever. He isn’t uncomfortable, that’s apparently just how he rolls. Eating slightly less at feedings has helped. Not on a rigid schedule for nursing, anywhere from 2.5-4hrs apart.

-Super serious in the bath, observing all the new sounds and sensations — probably since we still only take a bath every 5ish days it’s still quite mysterious to him.

-Naps are happening. Regularly. Easily. I really hope this sticks. I love love love nap time and feel like a human as of late because I shower, do yoga, clean, laundry, apply for jobs, put finishing touches on the book, etc all while hafiz is sleeping soundly. It’s the best! And he is clearly in a better mood now that he is getting good quality sleep rather than being carried. However, most days at least one nap is on a walk so we both get some fresh (though often freezing cold) air.

-Nights are still great, though bedtime had been rough but is getting better. I think I figured out why. When naps sucked he was crashing at night relatively easily, usually while nursing. Once naps were better I expected him to continue crashing while nursing but he wouldn’t. Basically I’m now giving him more opportunity to self-soothe at night rather than expecting him to fall asleep at the breast as he used to. Tonight was our first nearly tear-free bedtime and he seems to have put himself down. Eyes shut by 7pm isn’t realistic for us though – I’m thinking 8pm will be bedtime now.

-Rolling. It’s all he does and it’s making him seem so much older all of a sudden since he is freaking mobile. I’m just looking at him thinking, how did this creature just come out of my body and is now rolling around?!? He is so exhilarated each time he gets to his belly, then spits up and hates it, so he is starting to catch on to the belly to back thing (which he was actually able to do before but was out of practice since we quit tummy time).

20140314-202245.jpg the first time he did it – pure joy!

-Likes: stuffed animal Fox, Sophi the giraffe, having space to sprawl out, sucking his fingers, pulling my necklace while nursing, his new white noise machine, looking at himself in the mirror, walks outside when it isn’t too cold, yoga class, naked time, peeing when he is on his belly, laughing with his dad, short books, Raffi, doing back bends.


-Dislikes: non-moving car seat, spitting up, snuggle me cushion (need to get him out soon because he wants to move), swaddle (which is why we successfully stopped!), being left alone to go to sleep, distractions while nursing.

-Still no sign of teeth but I’m convinced all the saliva and chewing stuff must be pre-teething, but who knows?

-Will find out his weight on Wednesday but I’m thinking 15 lbs!


Okay I think that’s about it! As for me, I feel so much better these days both mentally and physically. I feel nothing like my pre-baby self but am okay with that. More on that tomorrow maybe. Right now I need to pump and then pick up Hus at the airport! At midnight, that is. That boy owes me.