Tomorrow I have an interview and realized when I woke up at 4AM (because my boobs were expecting a night feeding that Hafiz didn’t wake up for — I can’t believe they re-calibrated after like 3 nights of night feedings?!!–  so I had to do hot compresses and relieve some pressure then… almost would have preferred just nursing the kid but he decided to sleep nearly 12 hrs straight and now I’m trying not to get my hopes up that this behavior lasts though even though secretly of course I do!!!) that I have NOTHING TO WEAR. And not in that way that girls always say they have nothing to wear when they actually have a closet full of perfectly nice, fitting clothes they just don’t like at the moment. I’ve been there, too, of course. But now I actually don’t fit into any of my dressy clothes. Part of the issue is that I haven’t worn nice work clothes for 1.5 years  since my school last year was on the beach and I wore casual skirts, dresses, shorts or jeans every day. Why did I leave that school again?! SIGH. So last time I dressed up for work I weighed 103 lbs. Newsflash: I weight 15ish more lbs now. 

Shopping isn’t an option since I have no car today (Hus has a business meeting in the city all day) and I wouldn’t want to spend the non-existent $ either so I’ll need to get creative. I have stretchy skirts that still fit but none of them say “professional” at all. Probably can’t wear my standard lululemon leggings… UNLESS I find a dress that would be too short for an interview and masquerade it over leggings as a tunic? That sounds like a bad idea.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend Monica the other night. She was my freshman year college roommate and is now actress in LA (has had appearances in lots of TV shows and been in a few movies as well) and she was asking how adjusting to motherhood has been. I was trying to articulate how I felt re: my identity. So I was explaining that pre-motherhood I would only wear yoga pants and leggings but felt totally fine with it. But now that I’m a mom I feel like only wearing yoga pants/leggings is making me such a cliché because I’m not taking the time to look presentable even though I NEVER really looked particularly presentable or had style. But it seemed okay to me before but doesn’t feel right now.

Then Monica gave me the only compliment I’ve ever been given re: fashion and said, “I didn’t think that you didn’t have style. I always borrowed clothes from you.” Which isn’t even a compliment really but considering she herself is one of the more fashionable people I know — my other roommates and I called her “Fancy Monica” back in college — I appreciated this very weak compliment. 

So if I ever had “style” may be questionable, but I can ASSURE  you there’s none present here now. I am a yoga pants expert. Yoga pants + UGGs + nursing tank top + hooded sweatshirt or cardigan = my daily uniform. 

Pretty sure Hafiz has more style than me these days. 

Speaking of Hafiz, he just woke up. Gotta go. It’s snowing again. THANKS PHILADELPHIA.