can’t believe we have been here 5 days! This trip has absolutely flown by thus far and I’m already sad to think about flying home on Tuesday. the only thing I look forward to about going home is that my friend kari will have her baby boy any day now and I will get to meet him!!!!!

anyway! So very much to tell but this post will probably be brief because eating chocolate and doing a face mask w my friend ashley awaits. We are being such girls tonight because her husband is going to a concert.

so let me just say, first of all, that the flight went GREAT. I would say my #1 piece of advice for traveling with a baby is to choose an unpopular time to fly. Tuesday was perfect. Our flight was half empty so hus, hafiz and I got an entire row (both sides of the plane aka 6 seats) to ourselves! We had plenty of space to change feez, let him lay down and play and store our excessive carry-ons. Having the boppy was also super convenient because hafiz could nurse without banging his head and feet on arm rests. Also when he fell asleep nursing (briefly) I could have my hands free.

I was able to keep to our usual 3 hr eat-activity-sleep schedule, except getting him to nap without crying wasn’t easy. I had to nurse him down and he doesn’t stay asleep long when he’s nursed to sleep. I think the entire 6 hr flight he took two half hour naps. But he didn’t fuss at all while awake so I’m calling it a win.

I made hus hand out 20 goody bags and it was actually a great way to create instant community on the plane. Everyone seemed really grateful and were very reassuring to us that they wouldn’t mind if he cried. I had him wear his united onesie (from his grandma who retired from united) so the flight attendants loooved him.


Not sure if it was the pressure or extra nursing but he did have two blow outs on the plane! Good thing I brought lots of extra clothes. Another reason disposable diapers suck – I’ve literally never had a poop blow out with cloth! Pee has leaked, yes, but it’s much easier to deal with that kind of leak.


Sleeping in outfit number 2.

I was very confused that first night about what to do regarding bedtime. I knew trying to get him on Cali would mean bedtime 3 hrs later (and we had woken him up at 5am that morning instead if his usual 7am so it was already going to be a long day for him!) so I decided to try to go halfway between the time zones. He was fast asleep that first night by 6pm, which was 9pm to his body. I thought this was genius – we had a fun night with lots of friends coming over – until he woke up at 4am ready to party (since that was 7am to him!). Hus and I played with him a bit at 4am but then thankfully got him to sleep in until 8am. The rest of the week has pretty much been like this, nice early bedtime and he sleeps through the night by east coast time but annoyingly wakes us up early and we try to get him back down.


how I put him down for naps so he couldn’t roll off!!

OMG speaking of rolling, I almost forgot!! The night before the trip – a night when I of course wanted feezy to get a good rest since I wanted one myself and knew we were waking him prematurely – he was struggling like crazy to get to sleep because he just kept rolling to his belly and screaming. For 3 hours I was in and out putting him on his back! So imagine my surprise when I went in at 5am to wake him and he was on his belly sleeping peacefully!!! I was so happy about that. Seriously made my morning. He hasn’t done it again yet but now I have hope that he will learn to love sleeping that way and won’t need me to flip him back.

Oh, I wanted to talk co-sleeping. I had been nervous about it since that hellish week when I was co-sleeping by necessity I got little rest. However, now that hafiz is back to himself we all sleep great together. Adam and Ashley have a bigger bed than ours, which helps. Hus actually left the bay a few days ago to go to Arizona so it has just been me and hafiz, and I have just loved crawling into bed after he has been sleeping peacefully there for hours. Watching him sleep is the best.

Gotta go!!!!!>