I’m writing this from the airplane, but there’s no internet so I will post whenever I can.

Hafiz is sleeping in my lap (thank you boppy for letting me be hands free!) and hus is sleeping next to me. I ate too much dark chocolate to be sleepy, I guess.

I think adjusting back to east coast time will be way harder for me than feezy, he is proving to be way more adaptable than I anticipated.

It’s midnight in philadelphia and I am WIDE AWAKE. Mind racing. Feeling anxious about finding a job that fits all of my needs and desires right now. Wondering if I should be applying in California, where my teaching credential is still valid. Trying to understand why the Bay Area still feels more like home to me than philadelphia. Not enjoying flying right now and thinking how annoying it is to have a plane ride separating so many important people and places in my life.


Hafiz looks so peaceful right now. I wish I could just live in the present like him and not be plagued by worries.

Aaaaanyway. This trip was so freaking awesome. Relaxing and fun and inspiring. Ashley and I laughed a lot, mostly about iyanla vanzant. Hafiz was so easy. He would take great naps and let me catch up with friends, do yoga with Ashley or whatever. At night he went to sleep early by west coast standards and let us enjoy dinners (oh dear I ate soo much this week) and talk or watch movies. He is still loving the chimparoo mei tai and I took 1-2 walks/day with him in it. Even though it rarely rains in Oakland, it rained three times while I was there! I actually subjected hafiz to the cold rain one day on a walk. Not nice of me.

I loved co-sleeping but it definitely encouraged more night nursing. Might take some time for hafiz to adjust back to no night nursing.

ok now I’m writing in the present, the night after our return to Philly!

our flight got in at 2:30am to Philly so we didn’t fall back asleep at home until around 3:30am. I decided to keep hafiz in our bed for the remainder of the night since I was so so exhausted and in no mood to be back and forth between the nursery. I assumed his sleep would be a mess, but I honestly barely remember last night which I think means he slept most of it. I might have nursed him a little at 7am but then all three if us (4 counting pokey) slept until 11am!!! Haha good job us getting back on east coast time, right? Oh well, we needed it. Hafiz was actually still asleep at 11am, allowing this to happen:

Aaaaand I totally get co-sleeping now πŸ™‚ loved this.

Having a rough day back to reality. My head hurts. I think I’m having sugar withdrawal. The only thing I’m looking forward to now is watching breaking bad and Kari’s baby.

I shouldn’t even write right now. Feeling too weird and gloomy.