Many wonderful things to report over here!!

Last I wrote, I mentioned that the only things that were exciting in my life right now were watching Breaking Bad and the anticipation of Kari’s baby. WELL, that very night Kari gave birth to her baby boy and Hafiz’s future drinking buddy, Jude, and he is beyond perfect! Looks just like his older sister — who was a gorgeous baby and is currently a gorgeous 2 yr old — so he’ll just be getting cuter and cuter every day.


Can’t wait to meet him this week. I’m also so so happy for Kari for having the birth she wanted, a VBAC! Which is a big deal and not an easy feat, at all!! I mean, natural childbirth PERIOD is no easy feat but doing it against the odds, after having a C-section, is all the more amazing.

So that was Thursday night, during which I didn’t sleep because I was so excited, but this automatically made this whole weekend awesome because I keep getting to see more pictures of little baby Jude. Friday I had yet another job interview, which actually went really well. I mentioned that I would prefer a part-time position, though they didn’t make it clear if that was a possibility or not. The good news is my boobs didn’t leak this time. Phew. 

The other great news I have is that Hafiz adjusted back to east coast time EFFORTLESSLY. Since we’ve been home he has been sleeping through the night like his old self and going down pretty easily, too. I actually think the trip to California helped me to figure out a better solution for our bedtime struggles: allow him an evening nap. This is what I did to help him adjust to California time without getting too overtired at night and I’ve just kept it up here. Before, if he woke up from his “last” nap at say 4:30 or 5, I would just keep him up until bedtime at 7 or 7:30. But then he would be an overtired disaster and fight sleep until 9 or 10. Then I tried making his bedtime super duper early (so if he woke up from that nap at 5, bedtime at 6:30, keeping to the 90 minutes of wakefulness thang) which also didn’t work. Now I’m just allowing him an evening nap (like right now – he went down for a nap at 6:15 and is still asleep, he’ll probably wake up at 7:15 or 7:30) which means his bedtime is later but he actually goes to sleep easily at 8:30ish.  I don’t know, I’m sure his sleep situation and needs will change a million times more but this is at least working for now. 

Sidenote: Why the hell did our pediatrician tell me Hafiz should be taking 2 NAPS A DAY?! That is seriously impossible. And I could’ve fucking punched Husein for saying “well the doctor said 2 naps a day, let’s just keep him up longer” when I know my baby and he is legitimately TIRED after 90 minutes of being awake, like clockwork — you can see it in his eyes and his behavior — which works out to 4-ish naps a day. I would love 2 naps a day but there’s just no freaking way. I do wonder when he’ll start being able to stay awake for longer periods, though, because I kind of feel like all I do is put him down for naps. My friend Ashley in California was shocked by how often he needed to sleep. That’s probably what surprised me most about having a baby, honestly. Fortunately, I actually love nap time now because all I do is sing baby beluga, read a book, then I just leave the room and Hafiz goes to sleep and I get to do other things. OH which brings me to the other awesome news. 

HAFIZ LOVES STOMACH SLEEPING! I still put him down on his back, but he instantly turns on his belly and while he used to SCREAM and hate being there, now he quickly finds his thumb and passes out. Okay and by passing out I mean he talks to himself/fusses for a bit and then passes out. He’s falling asleep faster than ever now that he has embraced belly sleep though. YAYYYY. Also, he looks really adorable sleeping on his belly. 

That being said, we did have our first floor bed fail last night. Eesh. He woke up a bit crying at 10pm but we decided to ignore and he stopped crying after like 2 minutes. However, he let out a good wail when he was up. So when we went to bed at 11pm I decided I should go peek in at him and turn off his sound machine while I was in there. Well I crept in, but it was pitch black. I turned off the sound machine and could hear his breathing. But then my eyes started adjusting to the dark and there was NO HAFIZ in the bed. I was like uhhh WHAT. And then I saw… poor little Hafiz face down sleeping on the wood floor next to his floor bed!! With half his body somehow underneath his wooden “Hafiz” stool!! This was totally my fault because of course I should have a few layers of soft blanket down next to his bed in case this happens. However, when I put him down in the bed I put him down horizontal in the bed — meaning if he rolled from that position he would have hit one of the bolsters at the top and bottom and not fallen off the bed — but SOMEHOW he did a 180 degree turn first to lay vertically and THEN rolled off! Oh man I felt like the worst mom ever. So I picked him up of course and put him back on his belly on the bed, which woke him up a bit and he cried for a few minutes and then went back to sleep. Tonight I put him to bed with plenty of blankets to cushion his fall for the next time. The Montessori belief is that a baby learns the edge of the mattress eventually and stop rolling off, so I hope that’s true. I’ll point out, it’s a low mattress so the fall was only like 3 inches but the fact that he was sleeping on a wood floor is what I felt terrible about. I can’t even believe he was able to sleep on that surface. Crazy baby. 

Speaking of Montessori, I’m seriously considering getting my Montessori certification solely because I want Hafiz to be able to attend a Montessori school from age 3-10 and wouldn’t be able to afford it unless I work there and he can go free or discounted. My mom did some observations at a Montessori elementary school this week (she works at a Montessori pre-school) and the environment and  student behaviors she described were amazing. 

Aaaand speaking of CERTIFICATION, I am almost definitely getting my yoga certification this summer. June 18th-July 18th I am hopefully going to be accepted into this teacher training program in the city. Those are really the only dates that would work out for me so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this particular program works out. It’s an intensive, 5 full days a week, program but my mom will be on summer vacation from teaching and can help Hus with the baby when he needs to work. I guess theoretically my dad will be on summer vacation as well (he is ALSO a teacher) but picturing him taking care of Hafiz actually makes me laugh. Hard to imagine that he was a stay at home dad with my sister for her first year of life! Haha!

Okay and speaking of YOGA (this connection is a stretch but go with me on it) my yoga-teaching friend, Ashley, and her husband Adam, who we just stayed with in Oakland, bought a house this week!! The real estate market there is truly insane so this is very very exciting. I’m so happy for them and can’t wait for our next visit. 

I think that’s it. I have a good feeling about this week ahead. I get to meet Jude so obviously it will be great. xoxo