“my life without sugar, day 2”

no headache today! still thinking about sugar but trying to drink water or eat something savory instead whenever i crave. honestly, it isn’t as hard as i thought it would be. it’s weirdly freeing because i am no longer going through that torture of trying to eat sweet things moderately, which is impossible for me! strange because for some people sugar really is no big deal. my sister, for instance, has zero sweet tooth. there is no temptation there for her. she will get a yummy dessert, eat a few bites and be done. then I finish it. of course!

I’m feeling proud of myself. letting the haters hate (my mom and husein) and continuing on!

sleepy hafiz.

love him. we went to yoga today and he was an all star, perfecting his up dog the entire time.

i hate hearing hafiz cry. he still cries a bit to put himself to sleep and it never doesn’t suck. one day will he just not cry? or is this how it will always be? i am grateful the crying is short-lived and not frantic. but ugh. still. it’s no fun.

i meet baby jude tomorrow!!! yay! gotta love how nostalgic his birth makes me for hafiz’s newborn days. I have been looking at his newborn pics and trying to remember what it was like to hold such a little thing. like, here:

20140407-195544.jpg WHAT?! and now…

20140407-195642.jpg big boy!!


20140407-195908.jpg his face has changed so much!! this makes me excited to see how Jude will grow and change and get even cuter.

Okay… I invented a sugar free almond butter cup recipe that is in the freezer right now that I am going to eat while watching breaking bad. Predictable, I know, but damn that show has gotten crazy good! We are hooked!!!