almost day 5, bitches.

are the days passing mightily slow? why, yes. yes they are. however, i genuinely believe it will only get easier from here. i remember from my last stint with no sugar — back when i was being semi-psychotic with my diet pre-wedding — after awhile sugar started to taste sickeningly sweet and nauseating. i can tell that my sensitivity to it is already up because we had indian food tonight and something had sweet tamarind sauce in it and it was too much for me. progress.

however, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies always sound amazing. or a warm brownie. omg.

my strategy is to make yummy savory meals and eat A LOT at each meal because if i feel totally satiated i am less tempted by sugar. if i am still dying for sugar i eat a spoonful of raw almond butter (which now tastes sweet to me!) and it’s so fatty and filling that i am immediately satisfied.

I GOT THIS. yo. i can’t stop talking like jessie from breaking bad.


yesterday we met jude! he was so tiny that i couldn’t get over it. it’s not like he was even premature, he weighed about 7 lbs, but just looked and felt soooo small. i hate that i can’t remember holding hafiz when he was that size (well he was born slightly bigger but whatever) and got a little freaked out by that realization of how fast babies grow. my weekly pics aren’t doing the growth justice!!



back to jude! he is absolutely perfect. i love how he does the classic newborn move of curling into fetal position when placed on his belly (which neither willa nor feez did!) and his little grunts and snores are also the best.



this is a hilarious picture that I’m sure hafiz and jude will appreciate for years to come.

Ok. hus is roasting coffee late into the night but i need to get to sleep. Love!