Hafiz! How are you 5 months old already? Time is going way too fast, but I’m okay with it because I just love you more and more each day. Here’s what’s up with you at 5 months old:

-TOOOOOOOOOOOTH!!! After months of saying “he must be teething” you have a straight up tooth poking through. It’s just a white speck now, that feels hard to the touch, but the whole area is swollen and it is going to bust through entirely soon. You feel it too and are constantly running your tongue over it (so cute) and smacking your lips because it must feel so strange. Considering how uncomfortable you must be, you’ve been a trooper. Slightly more fussy for sure and need something to chew on constantly (your hand is usually enough though) but still full of smiles and sleeping well. I froze water inside one of your pacis and you loooove chewing on this. As soon as the ice cube has melted you pull it out of your mouth and toss it aside.

-15 lbs! I weighed you by getting on the scale myself with and without you, and you are 15 lbs exactly. I thought this was big until I met a baby who is younger than you by 2 weeks at new moms group and weighs almost 19 lbs. WHAT?! Pretty sure you are still 50%ile for weight though.

-Still haven’t introduced solid foods, since we don’t have the baby set for our high chair yet (getting it on Monday though!) and you can’t sit up unassisted. Will probably wait until 6 months for solids and do baby led weaning. You are nursing anywhere from 2.5-4 hrs apart, depending on your naps. At night you go 10-12 hours without nursing.

-Sleep. Ever since the 4 month sleep regression passed you’ve been doing great. Naps are usually very easy. We just sing, read, put you down and leave. You usually cry a little but it’s short-lived and clearly just to settle yourself. Bedtime has actually been easy, too, for the past few weeks (KNOCK ON WOOD!) except for the fact that you keep rolling out of bed!! Last night was the worst. We were sitting downstairs and heard the biggest “thud” on the wood above our heads. Then we heard it AGAIN. We ran up and you were banging your head on the wood floor and crying. There was a blanket down but you had moved it aside shifting around. I actually don’t understand how you ended up where you did. Poor baby. You went right back to sleep when I put you back down, though. Aside from this hiccup, when it’s time to sleep at bedtime you just roll to your belly, stick your thumb in your mouth, make some noises, and sleep. It’s the cutest.

-Sign language. We’ve started this with you but I can’t quite be sure that you’re even really watching when we do it. It’s still early. I think we are doing it more for ourselves (so we learn and get in the habit of the signs) than you at this point, but that’s okay. I don’t really expect you to sign back for a looooong time.

-New sounds! You blow raspberries and drool EVERYWHERE, make this talking-while-breathing-in sound, gasp for breath while laughing, grunt, and screech both with joy and in protest. Your happy talking sounds are the best. When you are really uncomfortable and angry you blow raspberries, scrunch up your face, turn red and puff out your chest.

-Everything goes into your mouth. When I read you a story before naptime, the book is shoved into your mouth. Every stuffed animal. My hand. My shirt. Your shirt. Burp cloths. You are discovering the world through your mouth. It’s a wonder that you haven’t gotten sick yet (KNOCK ON WOOD).

-Your hair! You still have a slight bald patch rubbed off on the back, but it’s starting to grow in. I actually love this little patch and it’s clear that as your hair grows it in will grow mullet-like since it is longest at the nape of your neck. Your father and I have already decided we’re not cutting it for a long time so we can see how it naturally grows in. I bet it will be funky.

-I doubt you’re anywhere near crawling. It kind of freaked me out when a girl in my moms group said her son crawled the day before his 6 month birthday! WHAT! You haven’t figured out what to do with your legs to crawl, but you are pushing up on your arms into upward dog or plank pose all the time. I’m okay with you NOT crawling for awhile 🙂 At least until we are moved into our new place and I can baby proof things more.

-I also don’t see sitting up on your own happening that soon, though it typically does happen in the next month or so. Maybe because I don’t give you much practice with this? You tip over pretty much immediately. Sometimes you will lean forward and tripod sit, which is cool. That’s step one I think.

-Sophie (or Lizzie as your dad always says) the giraffe is far and away your favorite thing ever. I’m happy the paint on it is apparently food-based because you are going to eat this thing whole, I’m sure of it.

-Wake time. I’m trying to figure out when you’ll be ready for longer periods of being awake. When we are home you seem to only handle 60-90 minutes still, but if we’re out and about you’ll go far longer without getting too fussy and then just nap when we get home. After all the exhausting reading I did regarding infant sleep, you are actually far more adaptable than what a lot of my reading led me to expect. Staying up for a super long stretch doesn’t seem to mess you up that night or anything. FOR NOW. I know sleep stuff is forever evolving, so trying not to get too attached to you being one way.

-YOUR FACE! Is the best. I could have never imagined a face as cute as yours, Feezy. I love your old man toothless smile (can’t believe it will have teeth SOON though), chubby cheeks, enormous dark almond eyes, curly eyelashes, cupid lips, arched eyebrows…   your are so expressive and painfully adorable at all times.

-You love: when your dad holds you up airplane style, people in glasses, your giraffe, “baby beluga” (almost always if i sing this song, you stop what you’re doing — even if it’s crying — and smile), naked time, mei tai > stroller (need to get you liking the stroller more!!!), new people.

As for me, at 5 months postpartum, I am finally totally forgetting my pregnant self. Linea nigra is almost entirely gone. My body feels like my own. It won’t really be entirely until I wean, but I will probably be pregnant again by that time if all goes as planned, so that won’t really be the time to have my body back anyway. Besides, I love nursing and want to do it as long as possible. Honestly, not eating sugar has helped me recalibrate my wonky breastfeeding hunger. I feel like I’m eating a more balanced diet now. The past few weeks have been really busy and I haven’t exercised as much as I’d like, but that’s okay. Some yoga here, a walk there, that’s about it. I hope to find a routine at some point soon, which will of course change with moving, new job, a bunch of travel for weddings coming up, etc. So whatever! Just going with the flow.

That’s it for now. Going to some open houses to see what’s out there…