quick update since I’m eager to get to sleep and fully expecting a little guy to wake me once in the night since I out him down 1.5 hrs early tonight. yeaaah. this can’t end well. totally out fault! we met with a real estate agent and i had no idea he would show us 5 houses. i thought we were just hashing out the buying process. we ended up dragging hafiz around for 4 hours and he napped maybe 15 min the whole time. we got home and he was exhausted, of course, so I had no choice but to put him down at 6pm.

so, yeah. we are looking at both apartments and houses but the apartment options are awful and the houses we saw were amazing. fell in love with this one little house. Ah it’s so awesome. trying not to get my hopes up!

OHH so the title of this post. let me explain. hafiz. during the day, he rolls on his belly and then is joyful for 5 min and then cries until we flip him. once in awhile he accidentally flips belly to back, but it’s rare. weeks ago he was doing it but now not so much.

at night he seemed to be doing it every so often because he would roll out of bed, as l have mentioned. I put a thick carpet and thick blanket next to his bed since then to cushion the inevitable fall.

So last night I put him down in what I thought was an ingenious direction because if he rolled right (the way he usually does) he would be cushioned by the bolster at the head of his bed. his feet faced the wall because sometimes he can scoot in that direction — only at night in bed when we aren’t looking, of course.

he fell asleep easily around 8. around 8:45 I heard him making happy little noises. I figured he was changing positions, so I just listened. Then I heard “clunk” and crying.

figuring that he had just then rolled off, I went in and…

HAFIZ WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS ROOM. About 12 feet away from where I had put him down. he cried only when he made his way off the carpet and onto the hard wood, not even when he fell off the bed.

I still can’t understand this. He must be rolling back-to-belly proficiently in the dark to cover this kind of distance. I so badly wish we had a video monitor!

It also freaked me out because now his nursery legit needs to be 100% safe and baby proofed now. And it isn’t. Is it possible that he moves in his sleep?! Future sleep walker?!?

Hafiz houdini, I tell you.

His high chair is so awesome!!

I love having him at the table. Almost ready for solids! He wanted to eat our pizza so badly tonight, poor kid. I think his tooth is really bothering him because he needed to be gnawing on something all day. Once it was my hand and it HURT bad. Uh I think his first food could be a steak and he’d be cool.

Breaking bad has been SO intense!!!!

Spent all of yesterday away from hafiz to see kari, Willa and jude! Good practice for July. Hus gave him lots of bottles. I’m worried about my supply right now, though. Which in turn makes me worry about my supply when I go to work because pumping definitely extracts less milk. Hmm.

Ok.. this was way longer than expected! So tired…. zzzzzzzzzzzz.