my lack of posting might suggest to you that i’ve been doing an awesome job with my new technology limits. the truth is, while i have definitely been doing better overall, there’s still huge room for improvement. 

first what i’ve done well: no cell phone around hafiz, unless i go get it to take pictures of him, but then i take it out of the room and put it away and wait to look through them and post pics until he’s asleep. no computer around him either. i also have been better about using the computer or my cell phone while eating (except this morning, i couldn’t find the newspaper and had nothing to read during breakfast so i used my computer. oops.) 

room to grow: hafiz has been napping like a champion, but since i only let myself use technology when he’s not around i actually seem to overdosing during those times. i was hoping i wouldn’t need to get crazy enough to put a timer on myself but apparently i can’t self-regulate and might have to. 3x a day phone and 2x a day computer can actually be a lot of use if it’s like 1-2 hours each time!! 

why it’s confusing though: i have actually HAD to use the computer and phone for so many things this week, and i’m really good at multi-tasking necessary-and-unnecessary things simultaneously. like right now i’m filling out a survey for my job, sending emails to our real estate agent, writing this blog post and i keep clicking back to fb when there’s a notification. probably should just focus on one thing at a time, but i find that near impossible on the computer. can anyone else relate?! 

and in other news… found a different house that we love even more than the original one, which we are attempting to put an offer in for. it’s significantly cheaper, so that’s awesome news. it also has a backyard! both hus and i can really see ourselves in this place for a long time so i hope it works out. 

oh and hafiz is confusing me. his new thing is excessive naps in the morning. like he’ll only stay awake for one hour and then go back to sleep. but then in later afternoon/evening he will stay up for like 4 hrs straight, refusing to nap. his night sleep has been decent, sometimes waking up once to eat, sometimes not. except last night sucking on a corn cob seemed to have hurt his belly because he kept crying and i could hear his stomach gurgling, making sounds i’ve never heard before. after a few hundred rounds of baby beluga he fell asleep. 

i’ve created a baby beluga addict. 

i’m doing a run/walk for cystic fibrosis tomorrow! i think it’s like, 5k, so no big deal. i’ll have hafiz so i should probably walk because i’ve never actually run with him before and he might freak out. he’s not a big stroller fan in general yet, to be honest, which could be a problem. i hope it doesn’t rain. then i shouldn’t bring hafiz. 

oh! he’s awake! tech time over. sorry no pictures but my instagram has an abundance right now.