it’s raining! boo. day 2 of rain. yesterday i refused to let it slow me down, though. i had a bunch of errands to do, including delivering coffee in the city, so hafiz and i drove in, parked where i could find an unmetered space way south and then walked many, many blocks to visit molly at the philadelphia daily news office. it was spitting rain on us the whole time. i had feezy in the sakura bloom and threw the extra fabric over his head like he was a muslim woman. even though it was freezing and we were wet (no umbrella) he sucked his thumb and fell asleep. gah, he’s the best. 

i also took clothes to buffalo exchange, stupidly. i should’ve just gone straight to goodwill to donate. they took 1 of my things, and i had a whole bag, but the joke is on them because the zara tank top they bought from me had shrunk in the dryer and was not looking the way it was supposed to AT ALL (i think they just go by labels – zara is a nice brand and all but that shirt was worthless). i was grouchy for like 2 seconds but then donated the rest of the bag to goodwill. 

so hafiz and i hung out at the news office for an hour or so, visiting molly and all my mom’s old co-workers, many of whom have known me since i was a baby. hafiz charmed them all, smiling perpetually as he was passed around or rolling on the floor with his giraffe. then when i stepped out to walk back to the car (easily a 2 mile walk) it was POURING. so molly gave me a token and hafiz and i hopped on a septa bus. hafiz’s eyes were HUGE, taking in all the people, sounds, bus lights going on and off, etc. the bus took us right to where our car was parked. hafiz passed out in the car and when we got home i just transferred him into his bed and he kept sleeping for a good hour. 

that night, we placed a second offer on the house we wanted (the first offer was met with a counter offer, so we came back meeting her halfway) and it was ACCEPTED. meaning – if all goes well with inspection and the rest of the paperwork – we are the new owners of an amazing house!!!!! 🙂 hus was kind of in shock since he’s been very removed from this process, distracted by coffee stuff this week, so i actually did most of the paperwork and negotiating, but we were both elated and relieved since the house is perfect. we of course spent last night on pinterest trying to envision how we’ll paint, decorate, etc. our goal is to buy as little furniture as possible because we really own enough to nearly fill the house. and i’m feeling the minimalist look as of late. minimalism = good when you have a baby. less for them to hurt themselves with or possibly destroy, right? 

so, yeah! it’s raining even worse today. i decided against going to the new mom’s group since it’s so yucky out and the past two days have been go-go-go for hafiz. monday night we had my mom’s montessori graduation which kept him out way past his bedtime and yesterday was our adventure in the city, so today i figured he needed a nice calm day at home. going out in the rain with a baby sucks. i know beautiful weather is on the horizon. 

yeah, he definitely needed to catch up on some rest. he slept 11.5 hrs straight last night (8pm-7:30am) and then took a 1.5 hr nap this morning… and an hour later went down easily for another nap, which is happening right now. between those two naps i was reading him “the wheels on the bus” and he reached out to grab the book and got a horrible paper cut. little blood splatters all over the quilt my grandma made 😦 poor baby. he actually didn’t cry as much as i thought he would based on the damage. the cut is on the thumb he always sucks but that might be a good thing because that might make it feel better? poor feezy. 

last night’s bedtime was my favorite little hafiz moment to date. i nursed him as usual and he was sleepily nursing. when he was clearly falling asleep entirely, body going limp, i woke him to gently hold him upright and pat his back a few times and then laid him down on his floor bed. he opened his eyes big and looked right at me. i said “good night hafiz, go to sleep, i love you” doing the sign for i love you and he smiled SO BIG. i kissed him on his cheek and he smiled again, kicked his legs up, put his thumb in his mouth, turned on his side and went to sleep. i turned off the lamp and left. i listened at the door. a few happy little sounds, then nothing. and then asleep for 11.5 hours. WHAT!? bedtime has actually been this easy for a long time now. ever since we got back from california, i think. no tears whatsoever. still waking up once in the night to eat a few times a week, but i don’t know, it’s weird. since i made the decision to go back to work in july i actually like waking up in the night to nurse him. i probably wouldn’t say that if it were more than once, haha, but i genuinely love that time together. 

i can’t believe how independent hafiz is already and am really excited for our new house and being able to create a nursery that continues to foster this. i really love the way montessori-style nurseries have everything at the child’s level, accessible to them. you keep only a few toys and books on their low shelves and the others put away (in basement or attic) so that they only have a few options to focus on and absorb at one time. then toys don’t lose their novelty as quickly either. i don’t even think we’ll have a changing table in his nursery, actually. we’ll probably just change him on a mat on the floor (kari this is what you do right?) and keep the clean and dirty diapers in the closed closet in his room that we’ll put a little latch lock on the top of so he can’t open it. my mom is going to hook us up with some great montessori materials, too. 

OH i forgot the most exciting thing ever!! husein and i have a date tonight to see the only celebrity (and she’s barely a celebrity) i care about do stand-up!! CHELSEA PERETTI! she’s close to my heart because i listened to her podcast all throughout pregnancy and even when i was in a labor. she made me laugh so hard. i can’t wait. my mom is going to put hafiz to sleep and we’re going to get dinner in the city and then see the show. we haven’t been out to dinner alone since before hafiz was born! can’t decide if i want sushi or this italian place called barbuzzo where we actually have a gift certificate. hmmmm. 

wow the rain is still coming down. so happy i didn’t go to mom’s group. i still do need to drive something over to our tax lady though, which is kinda far away. hate going outside on days like today. 

gonna busy myself in the house to capitalize on feezy’s nap. as much as i adore hafiz, i’d have to say that naps are my favorite part of parenthood. is that bad? 

so much love. i’ll probably talk more about the house next post because i have some ideas i need to sort out.