well from my perspective, until 10pm-ish, last night was awesome! 


we left the house around 5, ate dinner at shake shack around the corner from the comedy club (weren’t willing to venture any further since it was POURING POURING POURING rain… our little honda literally had to forge a river to get there, a straight up wave splashed over the hood, it was crazy) and then got to see the most amazing stand up show EVER. i am basically in love with chelsea peretti. no, not basically, i am in love with her. like, usually at a comedy show you can remember the jokes that really made you die laughing, but i was dying laughing at EVERY JOKE. i like her because it’s not even like she’s telling “jokes.” i hate cheesy, formulaic jokes where you have this set up and then the punch line. lame. she just talks and tells stories basically and is hilarious. i wish i had the night taped so i could watch again and again when feeling sad. i bet she’ll record an album at the end of this tour and then i’ll be able to download it. if she is going to be in your area, GO TO HER SHOW. you won’t be sorry. she’s my hero. 

aaaaaaanyway. then after the show i decided to break my no sugar thing and get my favorite gelato from capogiro. very relieved to not live near capogiro bec i would easily spend a million dollars on gelato and gain a thousand pounds. their dark dark chocolate gelato is ridiculous. it tasted a little too sweet since i hadn’t had sugar in so long and made me feel slightly ill buuuut, still worth it 🙂

then we got in the car and i got a text from my mom asking, “are you on your way home?” seems innocent, right? but i KNEW in that moment that something was up, because my mom rarely texts and is has a very no-news-is-good-news approach to life, meaning, she only makes contact if something is wrong. 

sure enough, she wrote back that while hafiz was still fast asleep, and had been since 7:15, he had refused to take a bottle and cried hysterically for 20 min until he sucked his thumb while she held him, fell asleep, and then she put him down. 

so it was 10pm and he hadn’t eaten since 4. and went to sleep upset with no food. poor baby. we got home and he was still asleep. i was getting ready for bed slowly, expecting him to wake up, but he didn’t. then at 11:30 i just went in and laid next to him. he was PASSED OUT. i was touching his back and head and he wasn’t awake. then i just kind of put my boob in his mouth and he nursed fully (which was a relief for me because at that point i was semi-engorged) on both sides, without even waking up really. 

he slept until his usual 7am and woke up SMILING. thank goodness. he seems slightly hungrier this morning (eating every 2-2.5 hours) but otherwise he is his usual self. phew. 

anyway, the night was still a success. the only thing that i am confused about is wtf was wrong with the milk?! hafiz has been taking bottles recently NO PROBLEM. in fact, just this monday night i gave him one when we were out. it was fresher refrigerated milk though, not defrosted stuff. but that day i went to see kari i left defrosted milk, from the same time period, and he happily ate that all day. really confused. for now if he’s getting a bottle and i’m not around i think i should only leave fresh milk that hasn’t been frozen. that seems to be a safer bet. or could the heating process have overheated it or something? what’s the best way to warm a bottle? we just heat up water on the stove, remove from flame and then put the bottle in. maybe i should invest in a bottle warmer? especially for next year when husein is giving 5 or so bottles a day. 


oh well. our house is getting inspected tomorrow!!!!!! fingers crossed there are no major issues there. the weather seems to have just improved slightly. sky is still grey but slightly less so. perhaps the sun will grace us with his presence. 

hafiz is dressed extremely preppy today. it’s cracking me up.