while hafiz had slight sniffles last week, we are now experiencing our first time being full blown sick. this is his first fever and i’m not sure what else is going on – cold? stomach bug? ear infection? no idea. his nose is still congested – though no more than last week – but he is pooping more than his usual (3x yesterday and usually has one a day or one every other day). really hope it’s not an ear infection. he doesn’t seem to be grabbing his ears at all, and is calm when laying down, soo… let’s hope that means it’s not that.

he is obviously so uncomfortable, whimpering almost constantly when awake. fortunately, he has barely been awake. for the past two nights he has slept 12-13 hr stretches, and stays awake less than an hour during the day before falling asleep for a nap anywhere from 1-3 hours. yesterday one of his naps was almost 4 hours! so i knew something was definitely up. his temperature has been between 99-100, though i wish i could get a more accurate reading. doing it under the arm is so questionable.

trying to decide whether or not to take him to his pediatrician. the fact that he’s nursing well makes me not too worried about dehydration, but if it’s an ear infection i’d feel terrible to let time pass without getting him antibiotics. i feel so conflicted in general about antibiotics! they are so wonderful when necessary but also incredibly over-prescribed. i want to have that attitude of “can’t hurt to take him in, better safe than sorry” but if i give him anti-biotics for something he would have bounced back from naturally by tomorrow then that isn’t good. blah.

anyway, before hafiz got sick the weekend was great! our house was inspected on friday evening and is, overall, in great condition. no major issues at all, though lots of little things that hus can easily do. the only thing we are asking that the owner pay for is some electrical updating. a few of the outlets in the house are outdated (the house was built in 1926) and need to be brought up to date. fortunately most of the house has already been updated so it’s not a huge job, but we want to bring our electrician in to get an exact estimate.

late friday night my cousin and his girlfriend came in from richmond, virginia. on saturday we took them out to breakfast and then hiked in wissahickon park near our new house. hus was beyond thrilled that the trails are AWESOME and vast. you could get seriously lost in there, which is what hus likes (and what terrifies me). lots of people with their dogs off leash which is the best. pokey was with us and in heaven, chasing after dogs 20 times her size. hafiz fell asleep on husein’s back in the chimparoo. my allergies were awful for the first time this season so my cousin gave me a bunch of her allergy meds, which – by the way – i noticed really f-ed up my supply! not cool. later that afternoon we went to a beer festival and i drank 2 beers which is a lot for me. too much, actually. i’m a lightweight these days and probably could’ve stopped after half of one.

anyway, the next day is when hafiz got sick so i just dropped my cousins off in the city and stayed with hafiz all day. i think i’ll call the pediatrician right now. getting really concerned about the possibility of an ear infection which likely won’t go away on its own.