after a week plus of being sick and then just very “off” while recovering, Hafiz is finally back to his wonderful little self. he even slept 11.5 hrs straight last night. YAY. for awhile there he was “reverse-cycling” aka nursing at night to make up for what he couldn’t get in the daytime because of my low supply combined with his own distractedness. i have been giving him an extra 3 oz by bottle in the evening to compensate for my low evening supply – and pumping after most feeds – so now I would like to wean him off that extra milk at night so that he go back to normal breastfeeding and sleeping through the night. we’ll see how that goes.

Good thing hafiz is back to himself just in time to get his 6 month vaccines tomorrow. HAHA. Poor baby. historically he doesn’t do well with vaccines but I will keep positive. These are the last ones for awhile at least, right?

Drinking beer to “help lactation”

So, half a year old!!!!!! I truly can’t believe how the time has flown by. This is what’s going on with hafiz.

sleep. Still naps like a champ and CAN sleep 11-12 hours straight, though one night waking to eat still happens a few times a week. No big deal. I’m appreciating his sleep because I know teething is likely on the horizon and going to throw a wrench in it.

teeth. NONE. the “tooth” i thought was coming in never materialized and i still have no clue what it actually was. no other suspects popping up.

eating. our few attempts at solids have failed pathetically. I thought for sure hafiz would take to food immediately but not yet. I think I should try offering in the day because in the evenings (at dinner) he is probably not in the best mood for it. I also want to get the little table attachment for his high chair because food just gets lost when I put it on the table and the height isn’t ideal. My plan is to keep food as low pressure and fun as possible to let it happen at his own pace. Aside from his lack of appetite while sick that hurt my supply and his overall distractedness, nursing is going really well. Every 3 hours. I think he drinks about 4 oz, more or less, each feed.

houdini. not sure if I mentioned I put a pool noodle under the sheet at the edge of his floor bed to prevent him from rolling out? worked for awhile, until now that the kid is acrobatic and houdini-like and rolls right over the noodle. Good thing we are moving soon to a legitimately baby proofed room.

weight. 16 lbs, more details regarding percentile tomorrow.

likes. shadows, poqueta, ripping the newspaper, eating blankets, music, chomping on his foot, happy baby pose during diaper changes, kicking both legs on the ground with his dad, thumb sucking, minimal clothing.

dislikes. being sick, non board books (got a mean paper cut from a normal book). that’s it… Oh and jury is still out on solid food!!

clothes. not sure if it’s the cloth diapers or what but he can really only wear 9 month or 12 month clothes!

ok.. My in-laws just left and I need to get things accomplished. Much love.