I decided that I need to keep this blog alive for Hafiz’s monthly posts so that they will all be in one place. I’ll only be doing them up until a year so that means just 5 more after this! AHHHH! Time… you speedy little bitch.

Anyway! This post is coming exactly 6 days after his 7 month birthday because we spent the weekend outside Boston, MA for a good friend’s wedding. It was our first time traveling to a non-family destination with Hafiz and his first wedding.  ImageImage

We stayed in a cabin on a lake with a bunch of our friends. Aside from the fact that the walls in this cabin were as thick as cardboard, creating a very noisy environment for Hafiz’s naps, everything went well. Just took a bit of work to get him down a few times, though he slept through a ton of loud noises once he was down. We brough the Joovy Room2 travel crib and since he has been sleeping in it at home for about a month it was definitely an easy transition. Hus and I put a blanket over the one window in our room to get it nearly pitch black during the day, which clearly helped his sleep. I’m thinking we definitely need that black out curtain in his nursery in the new house.

The actual wedding was a bit of a struggle. I got him to sleep inside the mansion where the reception took place around 6pm, however this house/property was SO big that our audio monitor couldn’t quite make it to our table. So we set up the monitor on the steps of the house and just checked in periodically. Then, around 9pm – even though I had put up on a sign on the door that said “baby asleep please don’t enter” drunk people kept coming into Hafiz’s room and waking up him. Ugh. He was up and pretty angry from 9-10:30. Then we got him back down and partied until 12:30 though. I’d say all in all it went well, though I felt awful having to wake his butt up at 12:30, throw him in the car for our 30 min drive back to the cabin, get him back down to sleep, etc. His sleep patterns were understandably all over the place and I really noticed what a toll it took on his personality. I think lack of consistent sleep plus being around tons of people was really overwhelming. He wasn’t crying a lot, but he was EXTREMELY serious and not his usual smiley, adventurous self. He didn’t like being left to play on a blanket as he always does at home for hours on end. He was ok with being held by people he didn’t know for the most part, but sometimes fussed and reached towards me, especially if it was in a loud place (ie at the wedding reception). He was clearly overwhelmed.

The road trip itself was also rough on him, particularly the drive there in which we hit a lot of traffic. Hafiz barely slept the whole 8.5 hours. The drive was supposed to be 5 hrs! So we got there way after his bedtime and he wasn’t pleased. He was also too distracted to nurse at rest stops so I had to pump and give him bottles right there. Coming home he did much better, taking two naps and nursing when we stopped. Phew. We also arrived back home for a decent bedtime.

Anyway, that was that! We are traveling again on Tuesday and how weird is it that I’m grateful to be flying? I’m just so sick of the car. And at least the flight to Chicago is short.

On to the 7 month update.

Sleep. ALL OVER THE PLACE. At night, that is. Naps are the best. He still goes down easily and sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hrs daily spread over 3-4 naps. However, nighttime… is freaking weird. He always goes down early, between 6 and 7, easily. Sometimes he’ll wake up once. Or twice. Or not at all. Or, last night, EVERY THREE HOURS. That was a first. I need to nurse him when he wakes up at night or the screaming is insane. There is no other way to soothe. He doesn’t fall asleep nursing. Just eats, then snuggles back up with his thumb in bed. But the point is, I have no idea what’s going on. There are so many factors at play what with our traveling and heat wave and lack of air conditioning but.. I never expected his sleep at 7 months to be worse than his sleep as a newborn. Well, in terms of night wakings his sleep is “worse” now but actually in terms of everything else it’s way better since he is able to put himself to sleep at least with no props/help. The night wakings are going to really bother me once I start work in a month though, so I might need to take some drastic measures before then. I don’t want to though. Ugh.

Crawling. Isn’t yet but tries tries tries. Pushes himself backwards very well which then makes him angry. Inchworms forward which seems to surprise him every time. Gets into an impressive downward dog position and lifts one leg at a time forward but hasn’t figured out how to involve the arms yet.


Teeth. How does he still have none?! He is drooling and chewing on EVERYTHING constantly all the time and I feel like literally any second now I will see teeth busting through. Sometimes I think I feel something with my finger on his gums, other times not so much. Mysterious.

Eating. Solids were going wonderfully at 6 months! I could see his hand-eye coordination and chewing skills improving rapidly and he was LOVING LOVING LOVING chowing down. He basically ate anything we put in front of him, though he gravitated towards green things. He ate broccoli, sweet potato, cauliflower, banana, pear, celery (raw, just to teeth), peeled zucchini, avocado. However, then he got this crazy awful eczema type scaly dry rash on his cheeks after eating avocado and then it started coming back each time he ate solids. It doesn’t seem to impact him negatively in any other way so we might just keep eating despite the rash and hope it stops? The only food that doesn’t seem to aggravate his skin so far is the peeled zucchini. Avocado and sweet potato were the worst. He is still nursing every 3 hours during the day and at random points at night, as mentioned. I can tell my supply is back in action, possibly due to his excessive night nursing but also with great help from oats, Capomo and flax each day along with hydration. I will probably temporarily take fenugreek pills when I start pumping for work just to prevent a dip. Image

Bed. We haven’t done the floor bed for the past month-ish. We have had him in the travel crib as a preparation for our travels and to prevent houdini-like escapes. It’s worked wonderfully and, while I am committed to the floor bed once we are in our new home and his nursery is safe, I am pretty nervous about it.

Weight. Not sure right now, between 16 and 17 though. He is 28 inches long! Which means he is 90%ile for height and was only 20%ile for weight at his 6 month appt (which was really at 6.5 months). No chance he’ll stay tall with his genes.

Cloth diapers. Going better and better! We are rarely leaking these days and I have no idea why it stopped as I changed nothing. The best part of the heat is that he just wears a diaper most days now and still looks flipping cute because the diapers are adorable. I love not taking his clothes on and off all the time and he loves it too. His new combo solids-breast milk poo is really awkward to clean off so I am ordering some rice paper liners to try out.

Baby sign language. We do a few signs regularly but who knows what he is really understanding at this point. We seem to use “up” and “light” the most often, and for those he really watches the signing. Oh, and “I love you” and “milk” are frequent ones too. And “sleep.” We’ll just keep doing ’em in hopes that he picks them up at some point.

Likes. Drinking out of my water glass, chewing aggressively on stuffed animals, hitting the table when he wants more food, kicking his legs and stretching his arms out to be picked up, extreme baby yoga when attempting to crawl, solid food, night nursing, bathing and bodies of water, thumb sucking (it’s all scaly and dry from being sucked so much), saying “ba ba ba ba” and when super pissed off “ma ma ma ma ma”, chewing – never sucking – his old pacifiers, walks in the stroller (still doesn’t fall asleep but loves them!), playing with his tongue and smacking his lips/tongue/gums.Image

Dislikes. Sudden loud noises, being passed around continuously to people he doesn’t know, when we prevent him from sleeping his usual excessive amount, stop-and-go traffic in the car.

Okay, that’s it!

Oh and I finally made something I’ve been thinking about for months. It’s basically a video/collage of my pregnancy but instead of just boring belly shots it’s all the things we did/places we went/what we ate when I was pregnant. I made an email address for Hafiz and I like to send him little emails, pictures, videos and this is one I wanted him to have. I call it his origin story. I’m a nerd, I know, but making this and now watching it brought me enormous joy.