my sweet boy, how are you 8 months old?!



this past month was a very intense one. we pushed you harder than we probably should have with the trip to boston (that i already wrote about) then to chicago for jehan’s wedding and missouri to see your great-grandma. overall, you did great. you rolled with those days where the only naps you got were 15-20 minutes at a time in the car. you were held by lots of people you didn’t know. you slept in your travel crib in many strange places. but then you also got your worst sickness to date: hand, foot, mouth disease. and you busted your first tooth out simultaneously! poor. thing. you SCREAMED for hours, specifically 3.5 hours one terrible night. walking you around, giving you tylenol, nothing helped. usually i’m proud of your strength but that translates into having the strength to WAIL for hours rather than passing out, which is not such a good thing. 

pretty busy today since your aunt mandy just got here, but let’s get the details of you at 8 months for posterity: 

sleep FINALLY IMPROVING (knock on wood). our travels and all your health/teething/routine struggles really disintegrated things. you were waking up every 3 hrs to nurse for awhile there and while we were traveling there was no way i could let you cry so i just had to roll with it. now that we are back at home you seem to be waking once a night to nurse which is totally doable for me. you slept through once or twice so far, as well. i’ve learned not to expect you to sleep through the night, but just let it be a nice surprise if you do. eating more fat with dinner has clearly helped. more on that…

eating has made leaps and bounds this month! i have determined that you aren’t allergic to eggs or dairy (phew) and you love both of those things. well, scrambled eggs and greek yogurt that is. you eat anything we put in front of you, but are particularly enthusiastic about meat. usually i hold the meat and let you gnaw on it (which you do using your one little tooth, which is adorable and hilarious) because i’m still nervous about a huge chunk of it going down your throat. you are great with managing food in your mouth, though. you gag here and there but not often enough to scare the pants off of me, so that’s good. you still make a freaking mess but it gets a little better every day and is so cute that i can’t even be grouchy about the clean up. you are nursing every 3 hours still during the day, though i am always skeptical about how much you are getting during those daytime nurses as you seem very eager to push off and play. 

crawling ok so i’ve SEEN YOU CRAWL. army crawl, that is. but you don’t know you can do it. so you will only do it when something is extremely close and you unconsciously army crawl over to it. if something appears too far away then you stretch your arms out but then don’t try to do more and just start fussing. it’s actually pretty frustrating to watch. i think all these trips got you pretty spoiled and used to adults saving you and picking you up all the time because you are far needier than you were before all these travels. but i’m sure you’ll figure it out soon and i will miss  these days where you are relatively contained in one area!! part of me thinks you are waiting for us to be in the new house to crawl, since things will be child-proofed there and you are considerate like that. 🙂

teeth we noticed that your first one (bottom, center) was erupting on july 2nd. it’s so cute!!! love. 

bed still in the travel crib. can’t put you back on the floor bed until we have a 100% baby proofed room. 

weight no clue, but my guess is 17 lbs and still around 28 inches long. you have been able to wear the same size clothes for months, which is a first! usually you are constantly growing out of clothes!

cloth diapers maybe because your thighs chubbed up they almost never leak these days! i HATE your solid-influence poop though. ugh. i hope you poop mostly during the day when your dad is changing you, hehe. when can we potty train?!

baby sign language still doing lots of signs with no evidence that you notice/care, but we’ll keep  doing ’em. oh wait, you definitely know “up” because you kick your legs and hold up your arms when i do it. 

babbling when you are angry/need something you babble “mamamamama” and hus is convinced he is saying mama for me, but i think it’s just a coincidence. i think he just always wants me and he “mamamama” happens to be his i-need-something babble. 

likes eating meat, trying to eat paper, trying to eat grass, being held to stand/jump, yoga moves, splashing in his pool, new people (preferably a few at a time as opposed to a whole new huge group of people), drinking from a water glass, being outside, his new umbrella stroller, watching the world cup (gosh he is obsessed with screens – gotta be careful with this one!) and listening to music. 

dislikes being left alone on his belly and being tired. 



❤ ❤ ❤