"when all your desires are distilled; you will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy" -hafiz

Monthly Archives: August 2014




You are 9 months old! WHAT!? Out of me for as long as you were in me. Funny how time during pregnancy inched by so unbelievably slowly and now, with you in my life, time is flying by at a terrifying pace. Woooosh. 

So much has happened in your last month of life. To both of us. It’s actually kind of ridiculous. Let’s lay it out. 

SLEEP was not good for most of this past month. After the vacation madness I got you down to one hungry wake up a night but then that was starting to become two again a few weeks later at the same time that I started work (perhaps it was related and you just missed me and wanted to see me at night? who knows.) and my exhaustion was getting out of control. So last weekend we did cry-it-out and you figured out what you had to do almost immediately and the max you cried was 20 min, two times. I am still in that “did this really work?” state of shock and awe but I haven’t had to nurse you at all between the hours of 6:30/7pm and 6am for the past week and when you do wake up in the night you just cry a little and then fall back asleep. And the past two nights you haven’t woken up at all! So I hope that sticks. THANK YOU HAFIZ!! Being well-rested is changing my life, making my work days far more bearable. And you are napping much better too! I guess sleep does beget sleep. I never really believed that. 

EATING has made crazy leaps and bounds this month as well!! You eat 2-3 meals a day and will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING put in front of you, though you definitely show your preferences. Basically meat and cheese are always a hit. And let’s just put it out there that you’re obsessed with hot dogs. Please god let hot dogs (organic all beef! and cut up appropriately into non-chocking hazards) be ok to give to babies. Your diapers are never liquid-y now which is a gross way to communicate how much solid food you are eating. Your nursing/bottles are very scheduled now that I’m at work so they go: 6am nurse, 9am bottle (4oz or 5oz if i’m lucky to pump that much!!!), 12pm bottle (between 3-5 oz depending on my lactation skillz), 3pm bottle (this one is almost always 3oz, womp womp). Then you nurse the second I come in the door at 5:30 because you basically fuss until I let you. More on that later in this post. So you nurse a little then and then nurse more at bedtime, which is 6:30ish. And then you sleep the whole, glorious night without nursing yayyyy. 

CRAWLING at about 8.5 months you started army crawling everywhere for a week, and then it became a legit Pampers-commercial style crawl. You are a pro and go everywhere frighteningly fast. However, of course, as expert of a crawler you are, you would rather be standing so you are constantly pulling up on anything and everything to stand. It scares me because you like to pull up to stand and then go one handed and then suddenly lift up that one hand and then you, of course, fall. Usually safely, onto your butt, but sometimes not so safely. Oh well, you need to learn I guess. 

TEETH now you have two on the bottom!! At 8 months you had just one but the next one erupted next to it a week or so later. You really know how to use those bad boys and bite off chunks of cheese stick, steak, etc. 

WEIGHT your dad is taking you to your 9 month appointment on Wednesday so we’ll find out the stats!! I’m so curious!

CLOTH DIAPERS still working great, though ugh solid-ish poop is GROSS. dislike! oh your poor grandma, who has been watching you the past two weeks, is really not a fan of scraping your diapers. i have been meaning to find a better system for this and actually get my act together and order rice paper liners or a diaper sprayer buuuuuut (butt, haha) just not in my top 5 priorities right now. sorry grandma! and soon husein!

BABY SIGN LANGUAGE still little indication that you know or care about signing but we’ll continue to do it anyways! i would really like to keep it up because i have a feeling you’ll be a late talker so i hope to provide you with a way to communicate before the language ability comes. you have your own way of communicating things that isn’t baby sign language. we’ve determined for sure that “mamamamamama” is “i want” – often it’s that you want me so i feel like you’re saying my name but the reality is it’s what you say for lots of things that you want. you still communicate wanting to go to sleep by sucking your thumb and putting your head on my chest. which kills me every time. oh and you definitely grab at my boobs/pull at my shirt when you want to nurse, and just kind of weasel your way into nursing position in my lap. often you will get into nursing position yourself and then just suck your thumb there. you clearly find a lot of comfort in nursing and it makes me feel happy that i’m still continuing to do it even as it has become so inconvenient.


LIKES playing catch! we throw this awesome ball (that i got at the teacher supply store) back and forth, and he smiles so big when i catch it after he “throws” it (drops it really). still loves to attempt to devour plastic. loves the swing at the park!!! loves hyperventilating/snorting while laughing and AHHHH it’s the best. i need to get it on video to make me happy when skies are grey. ummm, attempting to stand up at all times. chewing crazily on his old pacifiers. reading books! always a reliable way to calm him down. 


DISLIKES being tired. being left alone (except in his bed before going to sleep, then he’s perfectly content). diaper and clothing changes. 

AS FOR ME Like I said, I’ve been back at work and feel pretty stressed since the beginning of the school year, especially in a new position and a new school, is just super super rough. And it’s even more rough at this school since it’s an extremely competitive type of environment. But… I am committed to appreciating Hafiz as much as possible and keeping my cool when things are hard. 

Come September, I will be able to leave school at 3pm 2 or 3 days a week, which I am really looking forward to because right now, by the time I get home, Hafiz is super exhausted and just wants to be held by me, nurse or suck his thumb, and go to sleep. My mom laughs every day when it happens because apparently he doesn’t suck his thumb all day, but then as soon as he sees me he just crawls right into my arms and sucks away. He obviously associates me with relaxation/sleep. But I also miss playing with him! I only get to really play with him and watch him crawl around and discover things on the weekend. It sucks. 

I was also having a milk supply scare this past week. I usually get ~12 oz/day at work and then suddenly I started getting 9oz/day!! UGH. So I bought Motherlove’s More Milk Plus and it worked immediately – the next day I got 14oz! I am going to keep taking it. Woohoo!

Anyway, I met most of my students and their families on Wednesday and now classes are starting Monday. I’m very very very very anxious but trying to keep calm. The amount of work I’m doing is really kind of insane. Like all I can do is laugh because its so ridiculous sometimes. I had to go in today (Saturday) and will have to tomorrow as well. Boooo. I really hope I can make this more sustainable as time passes….