Pictures from Iliza’s wedding which was on September 6th, a week before you turned 10 months! 

HAFIZ! You are 10 months old. I can’t handle how fast time is going. Since I’ve gone back to work it’s definitely going even faster which is so not cool. I am still a little sick and way too busy right now so I’m gonna make this fast.

Sleep. Has been pretty good. Ever since we cried it out last month you sleep through the night, but often you wake up disturbingly early and I never quite know how to deal with it since I like to wake you up uncomfortable early anyway. Like, You will wake up at 4:45 but I wake you up at 5:30 so it seems ridiculous to let you cry from 4:45 all the way to possibly 5:30, ya know? Sometimes you will sleep all the way until 5:30 or even 6AM without waking up. 6AM makes me sad though because then I don’t get to see you – I just nurse you and run out the door. At least with your early wake-ups I nurse you, dress you and we eat breakfast together (sharing a flaxseed-capomo-pumpkin muffin and goat milk yogurt ) before I leave.

Nom nom nom. Boy, you are an EATER. Everything I read about Baby Led Weaning said that you should just let a baby feed themselves to their heart’s content but I’ve found I really do need to cut you off because otherwise you will out-eat me, easily. One time this month you actually threw up for the first time, probably from eating too much (and then getting in your car seat for an hour, my fault there). You are obsessed with cherry tomatoes from Grandma’s garden, spicy foods, warm foods and crunchy textures. My supply is back up now thanks to a hospital-grade pump that I’m borrowing from my neighbor, so you are getting plenty of milk, 5 nursings/bottles a day.

Crawling/walking. You aren’t walking, but are definitely getting better and better at standing up and then going hands free for a bit. I don’t worry about you falling now since you safely get to your butt every time.  You crawl so fast and are obsessed with climbing everything. I had to move some furniture in your room because you were close to scaling the side of your bookshelf which would be undoubtedly dangerous. I love this crawling stage as it is just freakishly adorable. But when you walk you will look like a little person and my heart will explode, I’m sure.

Teeth. You have 5! 2 top, 3 bottom, and possibly almost 6 as I keep thinking I see another bursting through.

Weight. At 9.5 months, you were only 17 lbs. I feel like from 10 months on you will gain more though because now you are getting a bit more milk with my supply being up and eating crazy amounts of food.

Cloth diapers. Still loving them, probably since I’m not the one having to deal with your 2-3 solid disgusting poops/day. Gross. Hus has fun with these, haha. You always leave one for me in the evening though. THANKS.

Baby sign language. Accepting that you’ll probably never sign back, but thats okay! I have a feeling you’ll be a late talker so the signs might come in handy later when you really want to communicate but don’t have the words yet. You communicate your needs really well w/o sign language these days.

Likes. Climbing up and down the stairs over and over and over and over again, taking every clothing item out of my drawers or his clothing boxes, peek-a-boo, going down the big slide at the park (ON HIS OWN… hus did this with him, not me, I could never) and then climbing up it, eating anything and everything in excess, strangers (finally he is becoming more social w/ new faces). Car trips that are under 3 hours.

Dislikes. Diaper changes. Napping with me, recently. He naps great for Husein all week but when I’m home on the weekends I follow the exact same schedule and he SCREAMS. So we know it’s me. He’s actually screaming right now. Awesome! LONG road trips, he gets pissed. Sometimes he’ll arch his back and scream when we’re putting him in the stroller now, but we just force him in and as soon as we’re moving he chills out.

As for me. Doing a little better with work/life balance for sure. Still not going to claim that this schedule is sustainable at all but I did leave early on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (so 3:15PM) this week and it felt sooo nice. On those days, it was the perfect amount of quality time with Hafiz before his bedtime. This makes me realize that if I taught at a normal school where the kids are there 8-2:30 or 9-3:30 or whatever, I would be totally happy now. Too bad I teach at the most intense school ever. Husein and I have been thinking a lot about what we really need to be happy in terms of daily schedules/routines, time with family, doing meaningful work and also earning $$$. We both really miss traveling and loved how easy it was when we were living abroad, and we also want Hafiz to grow up experiencing many different kinds of people, languages and cultures. At the same time, I don’t want him to feel like he’s constantly being uprooted. Both Hus and I know what our ideal situation would be: half the year abroad, half the year in the US. A few families that we taught in Sayulita did this. For instance, Nov-Apr in Mexico and the rest of the year back in California or whatever. I don’t know what the hell kinds of jobs these people had (online stuff? they were clearly well off as you pretty much have to be!)  but it was a pretty bad-ass situation. As a teacher, I hated it because it meant students either coming late or leaving early in the school year, but the kids themselves were obviously thriving.

Just something I’m thinking about today!

Oh, and this beautiful post about babies and self-soothing:

Alright, it’s Saturday and I have laundry to do and a baby to love.