"when all your desires are distilled; you will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy" -hafiz

Monthly Archives: October 2014

OHHH Hafiz, Hafiz, Hafiz!! This update is coming a bit late because the last month has been a particularly crazy-busy one, but I can’t drop the ball now as we are just weeks away from you being ONE year old! GAHHH!!

You become increasingly fun and bursting with more personality every day. Sometimes I get home from school and feel like you suddenly seem WAY older than the day before. It’s also way more chill to be around you all day, during those rare weekends that you and I just get to hang out the entire time. You are happy to come on errands, go out to lunch or dinner, chill in the carseat, be pushed in the stroller, or just crawl around the house destroying everything in your path. If the house was more childproofed then we would have no issues, because you rarely get in those really needy, hold-me-constantly type moods. Only in the evening when you are tired, really. Or random teething days, which very likely includes today 🙂 But otherwise, you’d rather be Mr. Independent — crawling, climbing and cruising around. However, that isn’t to say you like to be alone. NO. You want us around, like in the same room or in the next room over where you know you can pop in and see us. Your father especially would love to be able to leave you safely in your room alone for a bit but right now? Hell no. You will cry and scream bloody murder. Really hoping we can work on this, even just 5-10 minutes of you  being alone would be nice.

Okay, let’s get an update on you.

Sleep. You still wake up freakishly early. Like, 5:30am is sleeping in. And there have been some random nights here and there where you’ll wake up in the middle of the night. I let you cry a bit and wait and see what happens. Often you’ll go back to sleep but, for instance, last night you were freaking out so I had to go in. Can’t figure out what it is (didn’t eat enough yesterday? teething? who knows) but I’m not stressing about these random wakeful nights as long as they don’t become our new normal. Naps are still awesome, and essential since you don’t get quite enough night sleep with your early wake time. I have been keeping you up later and later because I just love to see you when I get home from work. While you once went down between 6:30 and 7 is now more like 7:30.

FOOD. You will never say no to food. I am afraid of you becoming a future competitive eater. We need to cut you off. I didn’t anticipate needing to buy significantly more groceries for you but we really do. All of your food allergies seem to have chilled out and you eat a bit of egg each day with no hives (PHEW!) but avocado now gives you a face rash. If we were in Mexico I’d be super mad about this, but since avocados are expensive here and taste awful, it’s no big deal. I hope you grow out of it though. You are nursing/taking bottles way more than I feel that an almost-one-year-old should. But the fact that you are eating a ton AND drinking bottles or nursing makes me hesitant to cut back. I don’t understanding weaning at all and should probably create a plan. It’s hard to have it be baby-led when I’m pumping 3x a day. Actually I’m mostly at 2x a day now because of my crazy school schedule.

Mobility. I don’t see you walking very soon, but you did get two walkers last weekend (both as hand-me-downs from friends) and will walk around with those and look flippin’ adorable. You prefer crawling for sure though, as you have become a speed demon. And you still love climbing everything.

Teeth. I made a mistake when I said last month that you had 3 teeth on the bottom – that was a typo – so last month you actually had 3 on top, 2 on bottom and now it’s 4 on top and still just 2 on bottom. So 6 in all. And the top front teeth keep coming out more and more and making your smile look more grown up. You love biting us. Not cool. Fortunately it’s rarely while nursing – my nipples haven’t been attacked yet – but you will full on bite my toe, leg, shoulder, etc and it HURTS. I usually yell “no” in pain and then you cry. :/

Weight. 20 lbs!!! All this food and my milk supply going up has made a huge difference!

Cloth diapers. Same as before. Going well but I really can’t deal with the poop situation. I bought liners but they irritated your butt. I’m grateful your father deals with most of these icky situations.

Baby sign language. YOU ARE FINALLY SIGNING!!! It’s not consistent but you are definitely doing the sign for milk and light. And sometimes waving bye. And I think the sign for “change” (when we change your diaper) but I can’t be sure of that one, might be my imagination/coincidence. You still refuse to do “food” or “more” which is ironic because those are the ones we do most frequently AND you clearly have a huge interest in both of those things. But you are stubborn and insist that banging on the table means “more” – and will prob continue doing that since, of course, it works for ya.

Talking. You are sorta starting to repeat sounds we say once in awhile, and saying stuff that occasionally sounds like words, but really it’s just babble. You are loud though and clearly trying to communicate. It’s the best 🙂

As for me. Overwhelmed by work. Missing you a lot. Appreciating every second with you. Dreaming a lot about a future time when things will be more relaxed, yet also trying to enjoy the present as I realize how fleeting each moment is with you. Super emotional about you turning one. CAN’T DEAL WITH IT. We are trying to move into the new house for your birthday and it’s overly ambitious. We’ll see what happens.