"when all your desires are distilled; you will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy" -hafiz

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So I know I have basically given up on writing updates about Hafiz here, but considering that he turned 2 this month I figured it was about time I shift my focus back to him AKA the reason I created this space in the first place.

It is 8:15AM on Thanksgiving Day, 2015 and my little man – the center of my universe – is still asleep, so I might as well write something about him at age 2.

Throwback to the categories I used to use for his monthly updates:

Sleep. He sleeps so freaking well (knock on wood) that it makes me cringe to think about dealing with a newborn come this Spring. He’s asleep by 7:30/8 and awake by 7ish. Today is an anomaly since we kept him up late last nigiht. When he’s sick he will wake up once in the night due to his snot situation or coughing and say “Mama and Papa’s bed” and will come lay with us for a bit, but then he asks to go back to his room. If he doesn’t ask I’ll say “Josh misses you and wants you back in bed!” which works every time. (Josh is his giraffe lovey)

Food. You still eat everything, but not huge amounts. And you have very clear preferences now, slightly less open-minded than your 1 year old self. You eat whatever we eat. Sometimes we just need to put yogurt on it to trick you into eating it, though. You freaking love pizza and fries. We actually can’t order fries at restaurants because then you will only eat that. We make our own pizza about once a week and the smile on your face when we say you’re getting pizza is ridiculous.

Mobility. You have been working on your jump for a long time now and you have it DOWN, two feet off the ground at the same time and everything. Unfortunately you enjoy practicing your jumping skills everywhere, all the time. Like on the couch. And my bed. And in our tent when camping at 1AM.

Teeth. I don’t think you’ve gotten those 2 year molars people talk about? But you have the first molars and all other teeth. They are so damn cute. You’ve gotten way better at teeth brushing and let me do it without any drama. You need “Hafiz’s turn” first for about 5 minutes but then you accept that it’s “Mama’s turn” – I ask if you want to stand up for Mama’s turn or lay in my lap which makes you feel like you get some voice on the issue.

Height/Weight: You weight 25 lbs and are 31.5 inches tall. I think at one year you were 20 lbs and 28.5 inches, so makes sense that you are below the 5th percentile for height, little peanut. Your weight is 25th percentile though. Not that percentiles mean anything but, semi-interesting nonetheless.

Cloth diapers/Potty: We are still doing cloth diapers and when we commit to being inside all day with plenty of pants-free time, you will pee on the potty easily. You go loooong periods of time with dry diapers so whenever I notice it’s dry we sit you on the potty and you go. However, so far you refuse to poop on the potty and we are a little confused about how to proceed with potty training from here. I know we need to just go “all in” and ditch diapers but I’m not mentally prepared for it yet! I figure we have until April…

Baby sign language/Talking: Even though you are full blown talking so many words I can’t keep up with and putting sentences together, it’s cute that some sign language still remains. When you say please or that you want something you still emphatically hit your chest with one or two hands. You gesture up when you want me to pick you up (and say “GET UP PLEASE!!”) and use the sign for “fork” – that we invented – when eating. But otherwise you talk up a storm. Yesterday this ceramic lizard broke in our house and Hafiz goes “Papa needs to glue it” – I was like umm when has this kid every glued something?!! He is constantly narrating everything he hears, “Police car coming!” “Doggy barking!” “Mailman here.” etc. I love that when he wakes up in the morning I can bring him to our bed and have legitimate conversations with him about the shadows on the ceiling, our eye color, going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, etc. A few days ago my mom called to tell me that Pokey got hit by a car, and I was really upset. I explained what happened to Hafiz and then a few hours later Hafiz seemed sad. I asked what was wrong and he said “Pokey has a boo-boo, hit by a car” – he head really been thinking and worrying about her that whole time.

As for me: 18.5 weeks pregnant. Feeling pretty good overall. Can’t complain. Need to go get ready to eat all the Thanksgiving food. xoxo




bump comparison

15 weeks with Hafiz on left, 15 weeks with this baby on the right! HEY UTERUS WHAT’S UP!?

I’m happy to report that life is feeling way less depressing since entering the 2nd trimester. And, damn, it was an overnight change, too. All of a sudden I’m able to eat vegetables and stay up past 8pm! Yeah!

I still feel too busy, but I’ve fully accepted my fate for the year and am at least looking forward to peacing out for the last 6 weeks of the school year to go on maternity leave. I know I have a long way to go – 170 days says the app on my phone – but I already can’t.freaking.wait to meet this baby. Will he/she look exactly like Hafiz?! Will they sleep and nurse like he did? Weigh more or less? Not finding out the gender is going to make the waiting game even more brutal. Oof. But I’m comforted by the fact that these last 16 weeks have FLOWN by. Another month and I’ll be halfway there.

Can’t freaking believe that my original little baby turns 2 this week. To be honest, his cuteness and big personality are getting out of control. I love being able to communicate so easily with him; kid talks up a storm. I now can’t imagine going back to those early baby days of being like uhh.. are they hungry? tired? wet? YIKES! Sounds scary. At least the mind of a newborn is way simpler though. Toddler reasoning is pretty mind-boggling.

Okay it’s 9PM on a Saturday which clearly means one thing for me: bedtime. Pathetic. Oh well. Big plans tomorrow though and need to feel alive. xoxoxo