bump comparison

15 weeks with Hafiz on left, 15 weeks with this baby on the right! HEY UTERUS WHAT’S UP!?

I’m happy to report that life is feeling way less depressing since entering the 2nd trimester. And, damn, it was an overnight change, too. All of a sudden I’m able to eat vegetables and stay up past 8pm! Yeah!

I still feel too busy, but I’ve fully accepted my fate for the year and am at least looking forward to peacing out for the last 6 weeks of the school year to go on maternity leave. I know I have a long way to go – 170 days says the app on my phone – but I already can’t.freaking.wait to meet this baby. Will he/she look exactly like Hafiz?! Will they sleep and nurse like he did? Weigh more or less? Not finding out the gender is going to make the waiting game even more brutal. Oof. But I’m comforted by the fact that these last 16 weeks have FLOWN by. Another month and I’ll be halfway there.

Can’t freaking believe that my original little baby turns 2 this week. To be honest, his cuteness and big personality are getting out of control. I love being able to communicate so easily with him; kid talks up a storm. I now can’t imagine going back to those early baby days of being like uhh.. are they hungry? tired? wet? YIKES! Sounds scary. At least the mind of a newborn is way simpler though. Toddler reasoning is pretty mind-boggling.

Okay it’s 9PM on a Saturday which clearly means one thing for me: bedtime. Pathetic. Oh well. Big plans tomorrow though and need to feel alive. xoxoxo