"when all your desires are distilled; you will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy" -hafiz

Monthly Archives: January 2017

Oh hafiz! Of course I have WAY fallen off the update train for this little blog. I don’t even pretend to maintain a record of what you and your sister are up to these days, which makes me a little sad, but I also know that we are all busy living life to the absolute fullest and that’s what matters. 
Well we are on an airplane right now (without internet so this will get posted for real later EDITED TO ADD: way later since I couldn’t finish on the plane) coming home from our first legit vacation as a family of 4. It’s an evening flight, arriving in philly close to midnight. It’s one of those parenting moments of zen where both you and your sister are fast asleep and your father and I can just stare into space without feeling like we need to put out fires. You turned 3 last week, which makes an update here very necessary. 
This was the first time that your birthday party was really, truly for you. You had remembered bits and pieces of your 2nd birthday party (ok maybe just the trucks cake) but you were anticipating this one and I knew we’d be talking about it all year. Lots of friends came over and we wore jammies, ate bagels and Chana did a toddler music circle. It went better than I had imagined it would, meaning there were no major toddler meltdowns, our house didn’t get destroyed and people seemed to have fun. You shared your toys and loved being surrounded by the people you adore. 
I have to say, Feezy, I am just so damn proud of you. Toddlers tend to get a bad reputation, and sure, you have some classic toddler moments where your father and I just look at each with huge “why did we have kids?” eyes…. however, I actually can’t relate to many of the most common toddler complaints. You have a this maturity about you and such a calm, sweet aura. 

I will give you a snapshot of Hafiz at 3 using the categories I used way back when for your monthly updates. I enjoy this a lot 🙂

Sleep. You are happily in your “big boy bed” which is a great quality organic twin mattress on the floor in your room. You go to bed easily most nights around 8pm after brushing teeth, potty, books and singing baby beluga. You need josh the giraffe and you suck your thumb to fall asleep. You rarely wet the bed, most nights you wear underwear to sleep but I sometimes put a cloth pull-up diaper on you if you’ve drank a lot near bedtime. Most of the time you wake in the night to pee, though. Or to run – literally, run – into our bed. Your fav line in the middle of the night is “I want to cuddle with you” which is very hard to say no to. You will fall back to sleep in our bed and then we bring you back to your room. This happens a few times a week. Sometimes you wake more than your sister at night actually. But still, you sleep well. Waking close to 8am most days. You nap at school but rarely when with us at home. It will be a slow transition to be totally nap free I think.

Food. This is definitely a part of you I’m super grateful for because you eat everything. We never make you special or different food. You will eat romaine lettuce wrap sandwiches, soup full of bok choy and coconut milk, bison empanadas… whatever we give you, basically. When given a choice you gravitate towards carbs of course. And you love ice cream.

Mobility. You do it all. Run, jump, swim with swimmies on, do yoga, balance bike, climb ladders, etc. You are cautious for sure, which i appreciate. 

Teeth. No more drama with teeth brushing!!!! Yay! You lift your hand to tell us when you need a break, it’s so damn cute. No cavities, adorable smile, not thinking about how jacked up your teeth may be from thumb sucking.

Height/weight. Pretty sure you are 32 lbs and 28.5 inches tall. Like 5%ile height. Oh well 🙂

Potty. You trained quite easily at 25 months and had no regression once L was born. Mostly night trained as well. I’m so proud of how independent you are with the potty. It’s great that your pre-school really fosters that independence as well. Can’t remember your last accident, to be honest. You’re a pro. Early potty training is the best.

Talking. You talk non-stop and make such interesting and intelligent observations. You will hear us talking and then interject your thoughts or ask many questions to fully understand what we are saying. Your vocabulary is ridiculous, like noticeably better than many of my students. You know many letters and their sounds, oh how you want to learn to read!! You want to be read to constantly. Which is 100% the reason your vocabulary is so strong. I sometimes think about introducing one show per day (you still get zero screen time) but I love that your default comfort activity is being read to and never want that to change. I promise to drop what I’m doing whenever possible to read to you, buddy.

As for me: I have the two most amazing and beautiful kids in the world. It’s physically and mentally exhausting to work full time and also be present for you and Lua, some days are really hard, but overall I am happy with the way my time, energy and emotions are balancing out.