"when all your desires are distilled; you will cast just two votes: to love more, and be happy" -hafiz

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Let’s just ignore the fact that I’m writing this post about 1.5 months after the fact. It has been a busy time! I still can’t believe Lua turned one. My baby! This time of year has been very surreal and not in a good way. I missed the end of the school year last year because of Lua’s birth and my maternity leave, so I had truly forgotten just how much of a struggle May and June are in the classroom. Not to mention there are a lot of changes on the horizon for our family that Husein and I have been trying to iron out.

Anyway! Back to Lua because it’s HELLA past my bedtime and I want to jot down the important details about this beautiful, amazing child. She is tiny but mighty. I think she’s 2nd percentile for height and 5th percentile for weight (17 lbs) but her personality is huge. My dad even makes these ridiculous comments about “Wow, we thought Hafiz was a great baby, but THIS is a VERY special baby”  because she’s so engaging, expressive and smiley. While she does smile readily, the faces of all her emotions (concerned, pissed off, suspicious, silly, etc.) are amazing.

Sleep. She has been such an independent sleeper since early on, and now that she’s older and just generally less milk hungry, her sleep is even better. She goes to sleep so easily. Bath, diaper, jammies, one book, nurse (usually very brief unless she’s overtired and nurses to sleep), sing “peace, salaam” song and put her in her crib. She just looks up at me, sucks her fingers, then rolls to her belly. She goes to bed around 6:30, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, typical second child lack of super consistent schedule. She won’t wake up until the 7am area. Rarely wakes at night. I know, she’s the best. As for naps, she’s transitioning from 2 to 1 nap right now, so some days she takes two shorter ones and other days a longer (well, we aim for longer) one nap. We have never had a schedule and just put her down when she’s tired looking. A schedule probably would’ve helped but, eh. She’s getting the sleep she needs. I would say she goes to sleep at 11 or 12 most days and sleeps 1-2 hours.

Food. You are such an enthusiastic eater! You looooove food and eat most everything, though you definitely prefer carbs and if you see someone else eating a carb at the table you will stare it down and point and shriek until it’s yours. You also love all fruits. And mushrooms! Not super into the other veggies (not a big beet fan like your bro was) but you’ll eat broccoli if it’s cooked in butter. And potatoes are your obsession. You nurse in the morning and at night, but don’t seem to want/need it in the day at all. Since your birthday you get grassfed milk in your bottle during the day (I stopped pumping) and adore it.

Mobility. You started crawling earlier than Hafiz and I thought you’d walk earlier too but that doesn’t seem to be the case. You can stand on your own and can take a few kinda steps when you are close to something. I’m excited for you to walk but also feel good about you being my baby forever, too 🙂

Teeth. 4 on top, 2 on bottom = 6 in all — I feel like your incisors look like my fangs but maybe not.

Cloth diapers. Failing at this. Just not a priority. When we are around the house we use them but otherwise, not so much. I think Husein is better about using them. Laundry though! It’s rough. Too much happening.

Baby sign language. We sucked at doing this with you but you ask for more and ask to be picked up.

Talking. “Mamamamama!” is your constant and I think it’s intentional. You mimic sounds (tongue clicking and lip smacking included). No other words.

New tricks. You can open pens and markers too easily. You turn the pages in your board books excitedly (Not as into books as Hafiz was though) and love making music with things like shakers, hitting things together, etc. You have had basically zero interested in your baby toys and perpetual interest in anything Hafiz is touching. You seem to have a thing for little wooden men and grasp onto them for hours. Also, keys. You love keys. And toothbrushes. And Hafiz’s tool bench, which is really now your tool bench. You use Thomas the Train as a walker, or push other stuff. When you are in your crib awake, you giggle and talk and pull clothes out of the baskets on our shelf (beside the crib) it’s hilarious, we will come in and your crib is full of clothes and you’re so pleased.

It’s super late now but, sweet Lua, you are pure magic. Your papa and I seriously comment to each other every day about just how lucky we are to have you. Love you so much.